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Bringing music to life, making it physically tangible.


Loudspeakers that you cannot hear; which disappear in the music. That is the mission of Audio Physic.

With Audio Physic, music is not a simple reproduction. Every piano stroke, broom, violin stroke, or guitar riff is vividly clear and creates a live goose-bumps feeling.

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Featuring a powerful mid-woofer and a tweeter to subtly adjust sound radiation behaviour.

The fixed phase plug reduces compression effects in the crucial mid-range and plays an important part in cooling the substantial magnetic motor during operation. The baffle also has been kept as slim as possible to minimise unwanted reflection and diffraction issues around the drivers.

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Take your entertainment to another level with the Classic 35 floor standing speakers.
Featuring the sandwich cabinet construction, they will deliver the best sound possible. The adhesive stripes also provide an exactly defined gap between the core and the outside panels, with a sound-insulating effect similar to that of double-glazed windows.


Easy installation and sure footing on any surface.

The Midex cabinet uses the Sandwich Construction and has an internal reinforcement structure made from open-cell Ceramic Foam. This very expensive high-tech material is unique in that it consists mostly of air, surrounded by a network of ceramic that’s nearly as hard as diamond.

In its internal structure, the Midex also features a new Honeycomb Sandwich Board, this material is very light and rigid and a lot better in avoiding unwanted vibrations and resonances than the commonly used MDF.

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