Audio Research continues its dedication to unparalleled musical expression and crafting components of the highest quality and lasting value for its customers.



Their long-term dedication to service is peerless in this industry (Audio Research, with few exceptions, can repair anything ever produced during its entire history). Audio Research continue to seek out new and exciting ways to make music more real and more enjoyable.

More than just a name or a marketing tool, Audio Research has come to represent exceptional performance and long-term value. They have produced some of the finest components for music reproduction; this is especially true with regard to pre-amplifiers. Experience Audio Research – experience High Definition®.

Featured Audio Research products


The Reference 160M Monoblock Power Amplifier features a refined audio topology with fewer and better components in the signal-path than in previous designs, switchable Ultralinear/Triode operation, proprietary auto-bias, output tube monitoring and protection, an advanced power meter, and much more.

This array of features has never been offered before in an Audio Research amplifier.

Audio Research Ref160m


With a single gain stage, the 6SE is a fully-balanced, Class-A design with zero feedback. In addition to six long-life 6H30 tubes in the gain stage, the enormous and highly-regulated power supply has another 6H30 with a 6550 providing vacuum-tube regulation.

It offers the highest performance ever available in a single-chassis preamplifier. Regardless of the recording, the improvement in sound is immediate and compelling. Effortless, dynamic, and dimensional. The speed and resolution merge with musical colour and textures that are both accurate and captivating.


The LS28 features four balanced and four single-ended inputs, and two sets of both balanced and single-ended outputs, allow maximum connectivity. The straightforward menu allows control of numerous parameters, including input naming, tube hours, auto shutdown, and home theater passthrough.

Phase invert and mono are also standard functions. At the heart of the LS28 are four 6H30 vacuum tubes in the analog circuit.

While the LS28 is the perfect match for any Audio Research amplifier, it has been designed to work with nearly any amplifier on the market today.

Ls28se Vacuum Tube Line Stage Preamplifier