Beaumont Hills

Home Theatre


Life Style Store took care of totally transforming this room. We handled all elements of the room transformation including the acoustic treatments, custom wall finishing’s, automated lighting control, custom starlight ceiling, raised floor, cinema seating, carpet and of course the audio-visual system. The client wanted an external door on the outside of the room but when they were inside the room they didn’t want to see a door.

To achieve this, the internal of the door had to be finished in exactly the same styling as the custom wall panels so that the door wasn’t noticeable. The door location could not be relocated due to the narrow corridor leading into the room and the position of the door was where a lighting column needed to be located to maintain the symmetry of the room. The rear of the door had to have a modified lighting column installed which could open and close with the door.

The Home Theatre

The client also wanted a circular bulkhead with a starlight kit inside this section which was completed in the centre of the room. Control4 is used to automate the control of the audio visual items and the lighting within this room.

This system features the following key products:

Danieltaylor Smallres 8
Budget: $105,000

installation overview

Year of installation: 2018
Suburb: Beaumont Hills
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