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Media Room, Home Entertainment & Home Automation


5 levels of pure luxury overlooking Sydney Harbour from one of Australia’s most coveted streets only begins to describe the tremendous appeal of this property. With an attention to detail that is rarely seen, this house was meticulously constructed over 18 months which gave the Life Style Store team the perfect opportunity to stipulate and create an automation system to compliment the flawless build.

Exposed concrete ceiling upstairs and hardwood ceiling throughout the corridors meant that all aspects of infrastructure had to be carefully planned and executed before the ceilings were covered. Working closely with the customer and trades gave Life Style Store to opportunity to wire the house for the design brief whilst also allowing redundancies and future technologies enabling the automation system to grow with the owners requirements.

The Kitchen

A full audio experience even while cooking, it is possible!

This system features the following key product:

About the security in this stunning house…

The cameras are integrated to Control4, so a live view is always available, the History agent reads from the Ness M1 alarm, and the Control4 app will let you know if a door or gate has been left open for an unusually long period of time.

This allows complete visibility to events within the house and provides peace of mind when the kids or guests have left the home, ensuring that the house is locked and secure.

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Alfresco & deck

Listen to your favourite music by the pool. Experience great sound like never before! In this area, we installed a pair of Paradigm outdoor speakers.

Lower Lounge & Games Room

Take your entertainment experience to another level! Get the level of entertainment you deserve with our multi-room audio visual system.

In this area, we installed a pair of Paradigm in-ceiling speakers to give you the chance to experience great sound. We completed this system with a home automation system so you can control every room anywhere and anytime.

Twenty-one fully populated 8 channel dimmers and five 8 channel relays provide all the lighting control in this house through 56 keypads and 24 sensors. Four 10” in-wall touchscreens allow macular control over aspects of the house on each level, with custom built home screens in the new Control4 OS3 operating system. Music and playlists are integrated to relevant buttons, both physical keypad buttons and on touch screens via the home screens on OS3, This reduction in steps makes entertaining a seamless escalation, without the need to access an app, or dive through menus to find a playlist.

The Gym

Work out and listen to your favourite music at the same time!

We installed Paradigm in-ceiling speakers all controlled via Control4.

The TV Room

A room dedicated to entertainment!

We installed a Paradigm on-wall soundbar. You can control it using our Contropl4 Home Automation system.

The Living Area
Budget: $150,000

installation overview

Year of installation: 2020
Suburb: Darling Point
Photographer: South Sky Photography
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