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duette shades

The honeycomb structure of our Duette Shades traps air between the cells, providing insulation against heat loss in winter and absorption of solar radiation in summer.

They are also available in a large selection of fabrics and colours to match your décor. Versatile design caters for arches, angles, and skylights.

What are Duette Shades?

The honeycomb construction enables you to lower your energy consumption and bills.

Available in a wide range of fabrics, you will find a Duette that matches your décor. Their versatility makes them the perfect inclusion for almost any room.

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Duette Shades make the perfect choice when looking at blinds for the bedroom or across your home including media rooms. They are available in a wide range of colours, textures and styles to compliment any interior.

Duette Shades also provide superior insulation properties compared to traditional window coverings, making them an ideal choice. You can save up to 43% on your heating costs.

Operating Systems

Duette Shades can be paired with different type of motorised systems and can easily be adapted to any window or door. Operating systems include child-safe options as well as light control in doorways. Ideal solution for sliding doors, a discreet and elegant solution that is perfect for any modern home.

The track system is very easy to use, and you can open and close the curtains with just a touch of a button. The fabric will also keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it an energy efficient option as well.

Wide Range

Available in various colours, textures and fabrics, our Duette will provide the thermal insulation and sound absorption you need! It can also be paired with other window furnishing such as sheer shadings.

When the blind is lowered from the bottom up, it allows privacy while still providing some light. Duette provides an ideal solution to unusually shaped windows such as triangles and arched windows.

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Daylight / Blockout

Daylighting can be helpful in the winter when bright sunlight can make a room feel too cold, or in the summer when it can make a room feel too hot. By diffusing the sunlight, window coverings help to create a more comfortable environment, and save energy by reducing the need for electrical lighting.

Duette Shades have been designed to provide privacy by blocking views into a room from the outside. Paired with a blockout fabric, it will give you a more complete blockout control which is perfect for bedrooms and media rooms.

TrackGlide System

The TrackGlide System will give you the best insulation, privacy and light control. The unobtrusive side tracks keep the shade in position regardless of whether the window is closed, swung open or tilted from the top.

Next Level Darkness

Duette LightLock Shade is the solution for you!
Have the freedom to choose between sunlight and darkness with the patented LightLock System.

Featuring a unique U-Shaped side channel designed to absorb, deflect and block incoming light from seeping through into the room. Its design blends seamlessly into your décor and is ideal for bedrooms or nurseries where maximum darkness is required.