Evo Awnings

Featuring high quality materials, the Evo Awning has been specifically designed to provide superior shade and weather protection for your home, with a sleek and stylish appearance that will complement any décor.

Variety of Style

Evo Awnings are available in wide range of colour palette and fabrics.

They’re also designed and built to withstand Australian weather conditions.


Easy to use

Evo Awnings feature a ‘linking system’ that enables you to control three awnings at the same time. You can use a crank or use a motorised solution.

Evo Drop

The Drop Awning is perfect for both home and commercial use. It's easy to install and provides protection from the sun and rain. Plus, it looks great! Give your home or business the added curb appeal it deserves with a Drop Awning. Simply strap it down to a railing or floor. Ideal for spaces where channels are not suitable.



The Evo STC is perfect for enclosing courtyards and balconies as it provides protection against UV and can moderate windy conditions. It is the perfect choice for those who want a durable roller shade that will provide years of trouble-free operation.


Evo Channel

With an Evo Channel Awning, you’ll enjoy spending time outdoors without worrying about the sun, bugs or your privacy. Featuring a sleek and modern design, the Evo will match your style and taste. The Evo Channel is the perfect awning for any home as it provides privacy and protection from the sun and rain. It is also easy to operate, thanks to the locking pin option which allows you to secure your awning.

Evo Cable

The Evo Cable Awning is a retractable awning that features corrosion-resistant stainless steel cables, makes it ideal for coastal homes. It's also the perfect way to add shade and style to your home. The bottom rail end caps have also been designed to “float”, which means that they can move to accommodate the cable if it is not perfectly straight. This allows for a smooth operation without putting pressure on the cable.

Luxaflex Products External Collection Evo Awnings Pivot

Evo Pivot

The Evo Pivot Awning can be set up in an angle position to allow you to control how much sunlight you want to have. You can leave your windows opened while using your awning. Featuring a contemporary design, the Evo is perfect for big windows.