Evo magnatrack

The Evo MagnaTrack Awning is the most technologically advanced straight drop outdoor blind on the market. It has been engineered and tested in Australia to handle our diverse and unexpected conditions.

Spectra Fibreglass Sunscreen Fabric

Have a look at our extensive colour palette and pattern range. This refined twill weave fabric is perfect for creating sophisticated upholstery and soft furnishings. The subtle diagonal patterns add visual interest, while the contemporary colours make it versatile enough to suit any home décor. The Evo MagnaTrack can be up to 6.5m width.


Self-Correcting Awning System

The self-correction feature enables you to keep your awning working allowing the fabric to remain in the channel. Especially if operated in very windy conditions when the fabric can be jammed up. Avoid costly service calls!

That feature is a great way to keep your awning in a good position.

Made in Australia

The Evo MagnaTrack awning was designed to withstand diverse and unforgiving Australian weather conditions. It has also been tested to handle wind pressure up to 185kph^!


Reduce your costs

The Evo MagnaTrack will help you to save up 60% on your home’s cooling bill. It can provide you with year-round comfort and savings. The awning’s ability to block out solar radiation can help keep your home cooler in summer, while its insulation properties can keep you warm in winter. When combine with Spectra Screen, you can get rid of 95% of heat from solar radiation to keep your home cooler and more comfortable.

The Pause020

Self Tensioning Magnetic Track System

The track system is designed to keep the fabric in place as it moves. The Rare Earth Neodymium magnets used are powerful enough to keep the fabric from shifting position, even under wind pressure. These magnets are the most powerful magnets available in the market. They enable the fabric to go back o its original appearance.