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Our Home Audio space features a custom installation speaker wall.

You can compare a large range of custom installation in-wall, in-ceiling and outdoor speakers from leading brands including Paradigm, Klipsch, Focal and more.

Discover our large range of custom installation speakers including 8 pairs of in-wall speakers and 28 pairs of in-ceiling speakers.

We also have 10 pairs of surface mount outdoor speakers, “rock” style garden speakers, “Light” styled outdoor speakers and in ground subwoofers, all of which are weatherproof.

This area and other display spaces feature “invisible” speakers from Amina Technologies and Stealth Acoustics.

home theatre speakers

Are you ready to experience your movies and music like never before?

Enjoy a fully immersive experience with our wide range of Home Theatre systems. Don’t just hear the difference, feel it!

Treat yourself and take your entertainment to another level with a truly cinematic experience in your living room.

Floor Standing
Hi Fi Speakers

hi-fi speakers

Turn your living room into a live cinema experience.  Listen to your favourite music or play your games like never before.

At Life Style Store, we offer a wide range of Hi-Fi speakers customisable and tailored to your needs.

Find a speaker that will meet your expectations!


Enjoy a true cinema experience with our range of soundbars.

Compact and powerful, they easily fit under your TV, delivering superior audio with high resolution.

Most of our soundbars are also compatible with most of streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal and more.

Denon Dht S716 Soundbar Side Angle Life Style Store

custom speakers

Do not miss your favourite track.

Entertain yourself in every room of your house. We have a wide variety of custom speakers, in different shapes and colours, that will match any type of interior.

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wireless & portable speakers

Listen to your favourite music or playlists whether in your kitchen or sitting by the pool.

bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers are ideal for surround sound. their compact size make them suitable to fit anywhere, even on a shelf.

Discover our range of bookshelf speakers, providing better sound quality – perfect for entertainment centres!

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Centre Speakers

all speakers

At Life Style Store, we offer different types of speakers. Our audio experts will guide you to find the best fit for you!

centre speakers

Improve your surround sound with centre speakers.

Designed to fit below or above your TV set, they will be placed horizontally to deliver clear and pure dialogue for your movie watching.

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The best way to experience our wide range of Home Audio products is to visit our store. 

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