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Plinius Logo PLINIUS reputation has been built on music first and foremost.


With music as the goal, PLINIUS components transcend technical excellence to become masters of presentation. From a lightness of touch in the high frequencies to tuneful, tight and profound bass, they deliver the spine-tingling realism and emotional engagement that will bring you back to your music collection time after time.

Located in the inspirational natural environment of New Zealand, PLINIUS has designed wonderful sound since 1980.

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The amplification and equilisation circuitry is specific to the new Phono Preamplifier and uses the latest components ensuring accuracy and longevity.

Low output moving coil cartridges as well as higher output moving magnet types can be used and there is a full range of user adjustments available on the rear panel. Both Single Ended and Balanced Output signals are catered for and with passive high frequency and active low frequency equilisation, the PLINIUS KORU Phono Preamplifier will maintain stability and finesse under the most demanding conditions.


Drawing on the cultural depth of the world’s newest land, PLINIUS have adopted Te Reo, the richly connotative language of the Maori, to convey the multi-faceted richness of the PLINIUS experience.

Hiato, meaning literally, “to gather together,” also implies “harmony.” The Hiato amplifier elegantly draws together elements of PLINIUS design principles to achieve a design gestalt of stunning synergy.

The power supply, preamp stage and amplifier in this integrated unit are carefully matched to deliver an unadulterated musical experience. The Hiato achieves levels of reproduction unachievable by most separate component systems on the market today.


Everything about the Reference M-10 preamplifier demonstrates Plinius’ relentless quest for designs that reveal all the detail in your music, delivered in sophisticated styling that gets your attention.

Lovers of high end audio reproduction will be impressed with the RM10’s uninhibited ability of supplying pure detail to the matching Reference A-300 power amplifier.

Plinius Reference M10 Stereo Preamplifier 4