REDARC Battery systems

Redarc Batteries

Never stay out of battery and keep your goods all powered up for your next getaway. REDARC offers a wide range of battery solutions that will keep you going.

From battery systems to provide peace of mind and allow you to charge any additional accessories without the risk of flattening the main battery, REDARC has something to meet your needs.

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RedVision provides users with the ability to control all powered and power related devices through a single platform. Keep an eye on all your accessories when you travel. REDARC always has you covered!

Power Management
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Lithium Batteries

Enjoy unrivalled performance and battery life with REDARC lithium deep cycle batteries. You can also power additional accessories like portable fridges or camping lights to make your caravan feel like a true home on the road!

  • Ideal for 4WD, RV, camper, caravan and boat
  • Lightweight with huge capacity
  • Low maintenance
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    Portable Power Systems

    Available as either a 50Ah or 100Ah system, REDARC'S GoBlock is a portable dual battery system and a flexible portable power station within a compact design.

    Suitable for practically any vehicles, from cars, vans to 4WDs.

  • AC charger (overnight mains charger)
  • 50A DC-DC charger
  • 50A MPPT solar regulator
  • Quality LiFePO4 battery cells
  • Battery monitoring via RedVision®
  • Start Battery Recovery capability
  • Aluminium Battery Housing
  • Charging outlets for12v accessory