REDARC electric brake controllers

Experience ultimate safety with REDARC’s electric brake controllers, when towing, offering a smoother trailer braking solution suitable for 12V or 24V vehicle systems. REDARC will ensure the safety of yourself and others with high-performance braking system. Have peace of mind!

Redarc Tow Pro


Easy to install and use, REDARC Tow-Pro is designed to suit most common trailer braking applications. Two models are available.

The Tow-Pro Elite, offering two types of braking and uses proportional and user-controlled mode. It also features active calibration.

The Tow-Pro Classic offers a single user-controlled mode to adjust the required force your towed vehicle needs.

Braking Systems
Redarc Trailer

Electric Trailer Brake Controllers

REDARC's brake controllers enable you to easily control the electric brakes on a trailer. It was designed to be used with any type of trailers with electric brakes. You can also adjust the braking force with just the turn of a knob.
Redarc Break Safe

Break-Safe Break-Away Systems

REDARC's Break-Safe Break-Away system is designed to apply the brakes and brake lights on a trailer or caravan should accidentally separate from the tow vehicle. It also includes a built-in battery.
Redarc Accessories

Tow-Pro Accessories

REDARC offers a wide range of Tow-Pro wiring kits compatible with most 4WD vehicles. They provide "Plug and Play" style connectivity. Enjoy quick and easy installation with REDARC's wiring kits.