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Roller Blinds

Providing a stylish appearance, our range of roller blinds feature the patented EDGE Technology, combining both sophisticated technology and elegance.

Enhancing practicality, functionality and design aesthetic, you will find a roller blind that will meet your needs!

Variety of Fabrics

We offer a wide range of refined fabrics, including low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) textiles for those sensitive to the smell of fabrics. Many of our fabrics are also treated and sanitised for optimal hygiene.

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Single/Double Roller Blinds

Single Roller Blinds are available in different types of fabrics, including sunscreen, sheer, translucent and blockout opacity. Find the perfect solution to complement your décor! Single roller blinds can also be motorised to meet your home requirements.

Double Roller Blinds combine two types of fabrics. The bottom fabric is a light filtering sheer, while the top fabric is an opaque block out. This combination allows you to have complete control over the level of privacy and natural light in your room. Double Roller Blinds are perfect for rooms with large windows or doors that need to be covered such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Various prints available

A "Print Collection" has been created thanks to an exclusive partnership and advances in technology. We can offer you design options in printed fabrics.

We also have a "Kids Print Collection". From pastel colours to animal and jungle prints, we will provide you with the perfect back drop for a child's playroom or bedroom.

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Qmotion Technology

The Qmotion technology features an innovative design that minimises friction and reduces the amount of power needed. This allows the blinds to roll up and down with ease, providing a smooth operation that won’t wear out over time. Batteries can last up to 5 years! Qmotion Technology roller blinds operate with standard alkaline batteries that are discreetly housed inside the shade tube.

Roller Blinds with Qmotion Technologyare quiet. You can barely hear them when they are operated, making them perfect for use in bedrooms and other areas where you want to maintain a peaceful environment. They are also completely cordless whick makes them child and pet safe.
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Hardware Components

You can choose the colour of your hardware components to make sure it will match your blinds and complement your interior.

Four colours are available: white, black, grey and magnolia.


Different operating solutions are available to suit your lifestyle. The standard chain is a basic option and easy to use. The cordless operation, LiteRise, effortlessly pull or lift the base rail to adjust the height. Works with Qmotion technology.

Luxaflex PowerView Automation will simplify your life! Schedule when your roller blinds are opening or closing. Program it using your mobile.

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Australian Made

Our window coverings are built and tested in Australia.
Made to withstand Australian climate and lifestyle.