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Rotel is a family-owned, 50-year-old business: its long-standing prestige has been earned through the passion and clinical accuracy delivered in the performance of their home theatre and hi-fi products.

With a large audiophile following, Rotel is renowned amongst enthusiasts that appreciate the outstanding quality their products represent. The Rotel family today includes an international group of engineers, designers, music and movie enthusiasts, and professional audio business people from many countries including Japan, UK, USA, China and Korea.



Rotel continuously strives to make home entertainment electronics that compare favourably with products that cost many times their retail value, focusing on innovative technology and enjoyment of use, as well as excellent quality sound and vision.

By being very selective with components and meticulous in circuit design, Rotel has maintained its impressive reputation, being recognised by critics around the globe as one of the best performance and best value audio visual manufacturers in the industry.

Featured rotel products

RB-1582 MKII

Class A/B

Rotel’s largest stereo amplifier at 200 watts per channel provides the massive current to drive the very largest hi-fi systems effortlessly.

And like its smaller brother, the RB-1582 MKII has been designed to excel at resolving the subtle details in music as well as supplying the brawn required for extremely dynamic passages.

It is able to achieve this difficult dual requirement because of the meticulous attention paid to circuit design and parts selection.

RB-1582 Power Amplifier
Rotel Rc1590 Mkii + Rb1590 Blk Package Life Style Store


Stunning clarity & performance

Power – refined, detailed, and plenty of it. The Rotel RB1590 power amplifier is rated at 350 Watts per channel into 8 ohms, both channels driven. The RB1590 is also made of a solid foundation consisting of twin, massive toroidal transformers custom-made by Rotel.


The A14 MKII stereo integrated amplifier delivers 80 Watts per channel (8 ohms) of Class AB amplification from your favourite sources.

This includes Analog, digital, PC-USB with MQA, wireless aptX™ and AAC Bluetooth and Moving Magnet Phono stage.

Rotel A14mkii Silver Life Style Store