theatre room 5

theatre 5

Have a look at this stunning theatre room built by our team at Life Style Store. Featuring a 2,400 strand galaxy star ceiling in acoustic panels and hallway ceiling with aluminium battens, all the RGBW lighting is controlled via C4. We also have a 3 seat cinema seating against a custom made bar from Onyx stone with RGBW lighting.

Regarding the room treatment, we have custom trimmed full wall acoustic panels, floating mount with RGBW LED backlighting, half height acoustic wall behind seating and a full height acoustic rear wall  .

We added some custom printed acoustic movie posters in the hallway.

Room interiors & aesthetics
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This room includes the following asthetic Elements:

The Room

  • Complete Room Build without Seating $158,300
  • 2,400 Strand Galaxy Star Ceiling in Acoustic Panels $20,000
  • Bulkhead Around the Perimeter of the Room $2,500
  • Hallway Ceiling with Aluminium Battens $10,000
  • Add RGBW LED Lighting Between the Battens $8,000
  • Control4 0-10V Operation of RGBW Lighting $2,000
  • Row One Ambassador 3 Seat Cinema Seating $8,697
  • Custom Trimmed Full Wall Acoustic Panels $1,500 each
  • Floating Mount with RGBW LED backlighting $4,000 per panel
  • Control4 Operation of RGBW Lighting $2,000
  • Custom Column with Integrated Lighting $3,000 each
  • Manhattan Half Height Acoustic Wall Behind Seating $1,600
  • Manhattan Full Height Acoustic Rear Wall $4,200
  • Add RGB Lighting around the Rear Acoustic Wall $7,000
  • Raised Seating Platform, Excluding Carpet $3,000
  • Raised Entry Hallway Platform & Lighting, Excluding Carpet $4,000
  • Custom Made Bar from Onyx Stone with RGBW Lighting $15,000
  • Custom Made Bar Display Shelving with LED Lighting $3,000
  • Custom Entry Sliding Door with Lighting $5,000
  • Room - Intertwine Cinema Carpet with Premium Underlay $6,000
  • Hallway - Intertwine Cinema Carpet with Premium Underlay $3,500
  • Painting of Hallway, Columns & Bulkheads $4,500
  • Custom Printed Acoustic Movie Posters $1,500 each

The bar
with built-in LED lights


Theatre 5 System 7.2.4 Gold Square

Gold Package

The 7.2.4 Gold Package includes:
  • Sony VPL-VW790ES 4K Laser Projector
  • Premium 160” 2.35:1 8K Acoustic Weave 1.1 Gain Fixed Screen
  • McIntosh MX123 13.2 A/V Processor
  • McIntosh MC8207 & MI254 Amplifiers
  • Klipsch RCC-122 BTS (Pair) Front Speakers
  • Klipsch RCC-122 BTS Centre Speaker
  • Klipsch THX-504-L In-Wall Surround Speakers
  • Klipsch THX-504-L In-Wall Back Speakers
  • Klipsch THX-5002-S Front Atmos Speakers
  • Klipsch THX-5002-S Rear Atmos Speakers
  • Klipsch RCC-122 BTS 18” x 2 Subwoofers
  • McIntosh MI254 Power Amp
  • Sources: UB9000 Blu-Ray, Apple TV, DTV Set Top Box
  • Premium Audio & 8K HDMI Cable Package
  • Accessories: Projector Box, Connections, Power
  • Isotek Aquarius & Corvus & 7 Premier Cables
  • Control: Control4 EA1, SR260, Programming
  • Complete System Installation