theatre room 6

theatre 6

Have a look at this stunning theatre room built by our team at Life Style Store. Featuring a 800 strand LES starlight lighting system & a dropped ceiling panel in 4 sections with a round centre porthole, all the RGBW lighting is controlled via C4. We also have a 4 seat cinema seating and a false front wall.

We also added some absorption & acoustic panels with LED perimeter lighting and a premium carpet.

Room interiors & aesthetics
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This room includes the following asthetic Elements:

The Room

  • 800 Strand LED Starlight Lighting System, LED Strips Dropped Ceiling Panel In 4 Sections With A Round Centre Porthole $22,000
  • False Front Wall To Recess Projector Screen & Speakers $2,500
  • Manhattan New Yorker Cinema Seats $8,171
  • Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium Absorption Panels x 8 Columns $7,000
  • Vicoustic Wavewood Acoustic Panel With Led Perimeter Lighting On The Back Wall $3,400
  • Paint Standard Theatre Room - 2 Colors, With Wash Effect On The Side Walls $5,800
  • 8x Premium Dimmable Downlights Across Two Groups $1,600
  • Raised Floor With Step $3,000
  • Premium “Cinema” Style Carpet For Standard Theatre Room $4.600
  • Control4 Engraved Keypad, Control4 Lighting Controllers $1,400
  • Build A False Front Wall With A Custom Cabinet And Flush Screen $10,000

Dropped Ceiling
with round centre porthole


Theatre 6 System 7.2.4 Gold Square

Gold Package

The 7.2.4 4K Gold Package includes:
  • Sony VPL-VW890ES 4K Laser Projector
  • Premium 150” 16:9 Acoustic Weave Flock Border Fixed Frame
  • McIntosh MX170 15.1 A/V Processor
  • McIntosh MC303 & MC257 Amplifiers
  • Focal 1000 IWLCR w/Sub in-wall (Pair) Front Speakers
  • Focal 1000 IWLCR w/Sub in-wall (Pair) Centre Speaker
  • Focal 1000 IWLCR Utopia in-wall (Pair x 2) Surround Speakers
  • Focal 1000 ICW6 in-ceiling (Pair x 2) Atmos Speakers
  • JL Audio 2000W Amp + 2x in-wall Subwoofers
  • McIntosh M254 Power Amp for Focal
  • Sources: UB9000 Blu-Ray, Apple TV, DTV Set Top Box
  • Premium Audio & 4K HDMI Cable Package
  • Accessories: Projector Box, Connections, Power
  • Isotek Aquarius & Corvus & 7 Premier Cables
  • Control: Control4 EA1, SR260, Programming
  • Complete System Installation