theatre room 7

theatre 7

Have a look at this stunning theatre room built by our team at Life Style Store. Featuring Quad Floating panels with 800 stars and central bulkhead, all the RGBW lighting is controlled via C4. We also have a 3 seat recliner in leather and added a premium carpet with underlay for an elegance touch.

Regarding the room treatment, we have custom trimmed full height acoustic panels & lighting columns with downlights.

Room interiors & aesthetics
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This room includes the following asthetic Elements:

The Room

  • Quad Floating Panels with 800 stars and central bulkhead $18,000
  • Ceiling option: Add Perimeter Bulkhead $3,000
  • Manhattan Comfort 3 Seat Recliner in leather $4,995
  • Custom Trimmed Full Height Acoustic Panels (each, installed) $1,450
  • Side Wall Option: Lighting columns with downlights as displayed (each) $1,000
  • Premium Carpet with Premium Underlay $3,000
  • Raised Seating Platform, excluding carpet $3,000

Quad floating
panels with 800 stars


The 7.2.4 4K Gold Package includes:
  • Barco Loki 4K Laser Projector
  • Stewart FilmScreen 184″ 2.35:1 Micro-perforated Fixed Screen
  • Lyngdorf MP60 2.1 A/V Processor
  • Lyngdorf SDA-2400 2x 200 Watt x 4
  • PMC MB3 XBD Active Front Speakers (Pair)
  • PMC MB3 C A Active Centre Speaker
  • PMC CI65 On-Wall Speakers (2 Pairs) Surround Speakers
  • PMC CI65 On-Wall Speakers (2 Pairs) Atmos Speakers
  • JL Gotham G213 V2 Dual 13.5″ Subwoofers x 2
  • Sources: Ub-9000 Blu-Ray, Apple TV, DTV Set Top Box
  • Premium Audio & 8K HDMI Cable Package
  • Accessories: Projector Box, Connections, Power
  • Isotek Sigmas & 2x Sirius & 10 Isotek Cables
  • Control: Control4 EA3, SR260, Touch Screen, Programming
  • Complete System Installation