Toyota Hiace

Rear Step, Roof Racks, Shelving Kits & Mesh Cargo Barrier


This Toyota Hiace features Caddy Storage's accessories such as rear step, shelving kits, cargo barriers and more, installed by our team at Life Style Store.

Roof Racks & Conduit

Featuring great design, Rhino Rack roof racks can be easily used for work of leisure purposes. Whether it’s increasing your storage space or securing your bike, these roof racks have you covered!

We also added a conduit clamp set, with 3 clamps, making it easy to attach your conduit to your vehicle. The clamps are made of durable material, so you can rest assured that they will hold up under heavy use.

Toyota Hiace Eqi63y 2
Rear Step & Towbar

Our team at Life Style Store installed this Caddy Storage’s rear step to add more protection, especially when driving through rocky roads. Most factory protection items will be damaged.

Mesh Cargo Barrier

The Caddy Storage cargo barrier is an easy to install storage system that helps keep your belongings safe and organised while on the go. Simply place your cargo barrier onto the back of your vehicle’s seat, and fill it with whatever you need to take with you on your next road trip. Protect your family and yourself from unsecured loads flying into the passenger compartment.

Shelving Kit

Keep your documents always organised. Shelving kits’ cosy fit make them suitable to fit in the tube of your Ute. This Caddy Storage shelving kit includes four shelves  that can be used to store items of all shapes and sizes.

The sleek design of the shelving kit makes it easy to find  what you’re looking for, while the sturdy construction ensures that your belongings are safe.