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verishade xt

Combining an elegant design and child safety features, our verishade XT provides the perfect solution to complement any home décor and living needs.

Enjoy perfect light control – the light will be diffused and spread evenly throughout the room, and you can also adjust how much light you want to come in by rotating the fabric vanes. This is a great feature for when you need more privacy, or just want to relax in a darker room.

Functional Design

Combining both light filtering and room darkening fabric panels, control the intensity of light. The fabric of these window treatments is soft and will add a touch of elegance to any room. It will seamlessly integrate with your décor. 

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The Elegant Touch

Our Verishade XT is perfect for large windows and sliding doors to complement your interior. They also operate quietly, free from noisy connecting chains and bottom weights.

Uniform Appearance

Fabrics and hardware are available in the same colour options to create a cohesive interior look for your home.

You can choose between anodised, white, birch white, stoney beige, gunmetal and black.

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Operating Systems

Featuring EDGE technology, our verishades provide premium operating systems for optimum performance, durability and smooth control.

You can either choose between chain & cord or traversing wand. Our blinds can be easily opened and closed with a light touch, and the panels stack neatly to one side when not in use.

Luxaflex Products Blinds Veri Shades Fabric Collection

Child Safe

Our Verishade XT has no bottom chains or weights making it safer to use around children and pets

Chain & Cord System

The chain & cord roller system is available in 4 finishes, white, ivory, grey and black. The chain enables you to rotate the fabric vanes to the desired position, while the cord can be used to stack the shade.

Traversing Wand

Easy to use, with just one hand, rotate the fabric blades. Available in 4 finishes, white, anodised, gunmetal and black.