volkswagen amarok

Audio System Upgrade, LED Lighting & 4×4 Accessories


Charged 4×4 Adventure Control.
This 2021 Volkswagen Amarok project compliments the factory settings by bringing connectivity, high performance sound, custom LED lighting together with the most advanced dual battery charger on the market.

Behind the MSA drawers on the driver’s side, we have a twin compressor and an outlet for the air. On the passenger side, there is a switching panel that has a two cigarette lighters, a dual USB port, a voltmeter and switching for the compressor and the lights that we installed into the canopy.

On the passenger side of the drawer, We installed Redarc BCDC1225 DC to DC charger, which takes the charge from the car and charges the rear auxiliary battery that we installed.


Vw Amarok Eqb73w 7542

We upgraded the existing Utemaster canopy with LED lighting and went a step further and installed one meter LED tubes with the dual colour amber and white. Amber is used when you’re camping it does not attract and repels the mosquitoes and bugs.

On the canopy we started off with DynamatXtreme. We also added the Dynamat Dynaliner as a buffer and then we installed a black carpet on top, to cover all the Dynamat and seal it up and make it look clean and sleek.


To give the customer more versatility we installed an Anderson plug to run additional accessories like portable devices, campers, trailers, and caravans as part of a 12-volt, high current, dual battery system. Its main benefit is that it allow auxiliary batteries to be charged while driving.

When you connect the two Anderson plugs in the back here, one Anderson is used as an auxiliary output. If the customer would like to run a fridge or anything else, that can plug into that Anderson. There’s a second Anderson plug in there as well that is an input back to the DC to DC converter that goes through. If he wants to plug in a solar panel, that’ll regulate the charge from the solar panel and charge that rear battery as well when he’s parked for a couple of days.

The MSA drawers have been connected also to light up when they open on close. To complete the rear and roof we also installed the Utemaster Cantilever Roof Rack.

Now the sound system! We started off with front and rear speakers. There are two ways in the back doors and the front splits with the separate tweeter in the front. The head unit is still the factory Volkswagen head unit. Bass duties, subwoofer duties handled by the focal IBUS 2.0, which is just a basic eight inch with a built in amplifier and a built-in enclosure that’s installed on the driver’s side behind the seat. Towards the middle, we installed a Helix DSP 3 which handles the signal from the factory unit.
The signal from the factory unit comes through to DSP, gets converted and tuned from the DSP and then it goes to the amplifier, which is an Audison SR4500. This drives the four main speakers. Also in the DSP is a URC.3, that controls the master volume level, as well as a sub base level, and central button that controls the input selection. The customer has optioned audio player that has a digital out that will bypass the factory unit and plug straight into the DSP and that would give him straight digital into his DSP and from his DSP to his amplifier to avoid any undue noise and get the maximum quality out of his player.

installation overview