Audison AV bit IN Voce AD Link & AC Link Board


Audison AV bit IN Voce AD Link & AC Link Board


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Digital interface for all AV amplifiers, allowing perfect digital connection with bit One and bit Ten D audio processors, provided with AD Link and AC Link connections. By inserting the AV bit IN “Digital Interface” to the Voce amplifier series, through the AD Link connection the S/PDIF digital signal can get directly to the high quality internal D/A converters. After these, the signal becomes analog and is immediately amplified preventing it from deterioration due to the long paths. The result is extremely high quality music not achievable with any other analog system. It offers one AD Link and AC Link input as well as one AD Link and AC Link output in order to drive a multi-amplified system. A digital panel with 3 character display and 4 switches allows to select the amplifier type, mono or stereo mode, and also the digital channel coming from the audio processor. Connection to amplifier: remove analog crossover module and insert AV bit IN module to amplifier’s front side. Requires no external power supply.

Distortion THD 0,03 %
Bandwidth 5 ÷ 20k Hz
S/N Ratio (A weighted @ 1 V)        98 dB
Digital resolution 24 bit / 192 kHz    
Input / Output AD Link / AC Link

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