It all started with a quite ordinary question from Uwe Bartel, Vincent Audio’s electronics engineer and passionate music lover: How do I make High End affordable? The first step, the introduction of the SA-1 valve prestage and the D-150 output stage, made a very quiet sound in the press but one that couldn’t be missed. Then it got a bit louder when Vincent expanded its product range and regularly thrilled the specialist press – and music lovers in particular. The rumble was powerful and certainly justified because the new Vincent products were now electronically redesigned and presented in a solid metal housing. Now the Vincent brand is making a really audible bang in the specialist press and competing well against many prestige brands.

We always aim to maintain a large range of products on demonstration in-store. If you would like to audition a specific product, please let us know in advance so that we can confirm it is on demonstration and isn't out on loan with another client. With this notice, we can also have the requested products set-up and ready for you to audition in your preferred combination.

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