The Life Style Store Showroom

Unit 8 – The Junction
2 Windsor Road
North Parramatta NSW 2151 

Ph: 02 8855 6500

Experience the latest technologies and home theatre concepts in-store today. Life Style Store offers one of the World’s leading retail showrooms for home and car entertainment. The showroom features 16 home entertainment demonstration rooms including seven dedicated custom home theatre rooms, two speaker comparison rooms and seven hi-fi music rooms as well as numerous other demonstration areas. The showroom is also a Control4 Certified showroom with a Control4 Experience Area where you can experience how home automation works within a simulated home environment.

After 11 years in our current location, we completed a multi-million dollar renovation in 2016 which has taken the store to the next level when it comes to providing customers with the ultimate in-store shopping experience. The showroom provides you with a one stop destination for premium, quality and reputable hi-fi and audio-visual brands for the home and car. An entire second level has been added which features nine new speaker demonstration rooms, focussing on premium hi-fi music brands with systems from $1,000 to $250,000. The Custom Theatre systems on the main level range in price from $10,000 through to $500,000. The numerous demonstration areas spread throughout the showroom cover items such as multi-room audio-visual, custom and outdoor speaker solutions, wireless music streaming and home automation. Our custom speaker display wall features 36 pairs of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, there is a comprehensive automation display area and a large Bose demonstration space. In addition to this there are numerous demonstration walls and islands where you can audition the latest in audio-visual and personal entertainment technology for items such as wireless music solutions like Sonos or other portable audio technologies.

All of our demonstration rooms have been built using Boral Cinema Zone so that you can escape to another world and enjoy the true home theatre experience when entering one of our theatres. The Boral Cinema Zone system is an innovative building system that lets you create the real cinema experience in your home without interference from external noises or disturbance to other family members or neighbours. We combine this with innovative internal room acoustic solutions to ensure you are hearing movies and music the way they should be heard.

You can experience an online virtual walk through of our store via the following links:

Click Here for a Virtual Walk Through of the Showroom – Downstairs Level

Click Here for a Virtual Walk Through of the Showroom – Upstairs Level

Life Style Store Showroom

A summary of our main demonstration facilities are below:

Control4 Experience Centre & Home Automation Area

Visit our showroom to experience a simulated home environment and understand how smart home technology can fit into your life. When you visit our Control4 Certified Showroom, you’ll be able to see firsthand how we blend disparate home technologies to work in unison, creating experiences that will make your life more enjoyable, convenient, comfortable, safe and secure. You’ll be able to converse with some of the best smart home professionals in our industry, and revel in the quality of our work and creativity to craft unrivalled and unique smart home experiences; experiences that no DIY device can replicate.

Our Control4 Certified Showroom has met a series of elevated Control4 standards and our staff are well-versed in the art of “WOW-ing” homeowners, designers, builders, architects—and anyone else who visits—through interactive storytelling, visually-stunning displays, and hands-on demonstrations that bring technology to life in a way to help you envision smart living in your own home.

Get hands-on with the most engaging experiences a smart home can offer. Whether it’s one press of a remote that brings down the lights and activates the movie, or a voice command that triggers a cooking scene that turns on a playlist overhead, illuminates the kitchen lights, and lowers the shades, you’ll get a satisfying taste of what’s possible in your own home. The team at Life Style Store are experienced smart home professionals, being Australia’s largest Control4 dealer and we are ready to bring a myriad of orchestrated demonstrations to life.

There are also a number of motorised television lifts in this area including drop down and fold down television lifts, vertical cabinet lifts with motorised 360 degree swivel and even an outdoor television enclosure.

Custom Installation Speaker Walls

There are two demonstration areas where you can compare a large range of custom installation in-wall, in-ceiling and outdoor speakers.

The first area features a large range of custom installation speakers including 8 pairs of in-wall speakers and 28 pairs of in-ceiling speakers ranging from $299 per pair to $4,999 per pair.

The second area features 10 pairs of surface mount outdoor speakers, all of which are weatherproof. It also has “rock” style speakers, “Garden Light” style speakers and four in ground subwoofers. There are also portable all-weather bluetooth speakers from Soundcast on demonstration in this area.

We have an extensive range of Paradigm, Dynaudio, Klipsch, Bose, KEF, Stealth Acoustics, Origin Acoustics and Martin Logan custom speakers on display in these areas and custom installation products from other brands are also available to order.

Custom Display Area

Speaker Comparison Room

If you’re confused over what brand to choose and why speakers vary so much in size, shape and price then these two rooms are for you. Here you can compare the latest speakers, subwoofers and audio visual receivers in a sound-proofed environment to find which best suit your budget and tastes.

The room carries the complete range of Paradigm Cinema, Millenia, Monitor and Prestige series speakers and subwoofers. It also has satellite speakers from Bose, Cambridge Audio, Paradigm & Q Acoustics.

Other brands can easily be brought into the room for comparison.

Speaker Comparator Rooms

Seven Dedicated Custom Theatre Rooms

In addition to our multi purpose theatre speaker demonstration rooms, we have seven dedicated home theatre rooms. Whilst we do occasionally change the products within these theatres they have been designed to show you what is possible at varying price points. As a guide they normally showcase a theatre system featuring the products outlined below.

Our theatre systems include 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos demonstrations. With all levels of theatre systems we are also able to take care of all of the in room theatre elements including room design and construction, wall and floor coverings, home theatre seating, motorised curtains, lighting control and of course the audio visual equipment. The equipment in each room can be varied to allow us to design and demonstrate a system that suits your needs and budget.

Theatre 1 – Paradigm Monitor Theatre

The first of our theatres features an Epson TW9300 HD Projector with a 120″ Fixed 16:9 Screen. The sound is provided by a Marantz SR6013 A/V Receiver with a Paradigm Monitor SE Series 7.1 speaker system. The theatre room elements include a starlight ceiling, wall hanging acoustic panels and a custom acoustic back wall.

Paradigm Monitor Theatre

Theatre 2 – Paradigm Prestige 75 7.1.4 Atmos Theatre

This theatre features an Optoma UH65 4K Projector with a 110″ 16:9 Acoustically Woven Screen. The sound system features an Anthem MRX1120 11 Channel A/V Receiver and a Paradigm Prestige 75 7.1.4 Atmos speaker system with Paradigm in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Drop in for an Atmos demonstration today. The theatre room elements include a custom dropped starlight ceiling, custom wall lighting enclosures, Artnovion Andrea & Verona acoustic panels and a motorised curtain for the back wall.

Paradigm Prestige 75 Theatre

Theatre 3 – Paradigm Prestige 95 7.2.4 Atmos Theatre

This theatre features a Sony VPL-VW570ES 4k HD Projector with a Screen Technics 130″ 2.35:1 Cinemascope Screen with electric side masking. Audio is via the new Anthem AVM60 A/V Processor, separate Anthem 5 Channel and 7 Channel Power Amplification & a Paradigm Prestige Series 7.2.4 Atmos speaker system. The theatre room elements include a custom starlight ceiling in cloud shaped panels, custom wall lighting enclosures, Vicoustic Cinema Round acoustic panels and a motorised blind for the entry door. The ceiling and screen perimeter lighting offer full RGB colour changing functionality. The complete room has been isolated using in-wall Dynamat acoustic insulation material. Drop in for an Atmos demonstration today.

Paradigm Prestige 95 Theatre

Theatre 4 – Paradigm Persona Theatre

Our newest theatre features a Sony VPL-VW870ES True 4K Laser Projector and a Screen Technics 170″ 2.35:1 Micro Perforated Screen. The sound system features Anthem Statement Electronics, Paradigm Persona Series speakers and two Paradigm Prestige 15″ subwoofers. The room elements include custom full wall acoustic panels with recessed LED strip lighting for all of the side walls and a starlight ceiling in three sections with concealed perimeter LED strip lighting.

Paradigm Persona Theatre

Theatre 5 – Klipsch Reference Theatre

This theatre features a pson VPL-VW760ES True 4K Laser Projector with a Scrren Technics I30″ 2.35:1 Micro-Perforated Screen. Audio is via an Audio Control AVR Receiver with a Klipsch Reference in-room home theatre speaker system. There is also a Paradigm Elite In-Wall speaker system available for demonstration and comparison in this room.

Dynaudio & Sonus faber theatre

Theatre 6 – Klipsch Reference Premiere Theatre

This theatre features two audio systems based around a Sony VPL-VW270 ES True 4K Projector and a 133″ 16:9 Fixed Screen. The first sound system features Anthem Electronics and Martin Logan In-Ceiling Speakers whilst the second system features Klipsch Reference Premier speakers.

Martin Logan Theatre

Theatre 7 – Dynaudio Evidence & McIntosh Theatre

Our premium theatre sells for $500,000 and features a Barco Loki Laser 4K Projector which retails for $95,000 with a 140″ 2.35:1 Masked Cinemascope Screen. Audio processing and amplification is handled by a reference McIntosh A/V Processor, two McIntosh amplifiers for the main front channels and a McIntosh 7 Channel Amplifier for all other speakers. The speakers are reference Dynaudio Evidence Platinum main speakers, a Dynaudio Evidence centre speaker and 6 Dynaudio in-wall speakers for the rear channels. A Paradigm Sub 2 Subwoofer with six 10″ bass drivers takes care of the lower frequencies.The room elements include custom full wall acoustic panels with recessed lighting columns for all of the side walls, a starlight ceiling in four sections with concealed perimeter LED strip lighting and a custom acoustic back wall. Prepare to be amazed – your theatre experience will never be the same again!!

Dynaudio Evidence Theatre

Seven Dedicated Music Rooms

The upstairs level focuses on music. We have 7 dedicated two channel rooms featuring premium stereo solutions as well as three entry level 2-channel display areas featuring electronics from Rotel, Cambridge Audio & Marantz. Our Speaker range includes world renowned brands such as Sonus faber, Dynaudio, PMC, Linn, Martin Logan, Paradigm, KEF,  Vienna Acoustics, Q Acoustics, Cambridge Audio and SVS. The electronics for the rooms include an extensive range from Audio Research, McIntosh, Devialet, Plinius, Primare, Rega, Marantz, Rotel & Cambridge Audio. There is even a dedicated turntable wall with over 25 turntables on display from Pro-Ject, Rega and EAT.  If you are looking for a Hi-Fi solution then upstairs is for you.

Music Room 1 – PMC & McIntosh Room

Experience the PMC MB2SE speakers powered by McIntosh Electronics. The McIntosh system features a McIntosh C1100 Pre-Amplifier with dual McIntosh MC601 Power Amplifiers. As well as streaming and CD playback, the room also has a McIntosh Turntable as the analogue music source. We have the complete range of PMC Twenty.5 Series speakers and the PMC Fact 12’s on demonstration so that you can experience the sound of PMC, the speakers that make music. We also carry the majority of the McIntosh range so that you can audition a range of these legendary products in-store. The room acoustic treatments comprise a combination of custom made and Vicoustic room treatments.

PMC & McIntosh Room

Music Room 2 – Vienna Acoustics Room

Experience the Vienna Acoustics “The Music” speakers powered by Audio Research and Plinius Pre-Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers. The room also has a Pro-Ject Xpression Turntable as the analogue music source. Life Style Store have the complete range of Vienna Acoustics speakers on demonstration so that you can experience everything these renowned European brands. have to offer The room acoustic treatments comprise a combination of custom made and Vicoustic room treatments with a styling that has been designed to highlight the feeling and artworks of the beautiful city of Vienna.

Vienna Acoustics Room

Music Room 3 – Devialet Room

The Devialet concept room at Life Style Store is an Australasian first. Featuring the Paradigm Persona and Kef Reference 5 Speakers powered by any of the models from the complete range of Devialet Expert amplification. Devialet Expert systems incorporate all of Devialet’s audiophile technologies. 88 patents. 50 awards. Devialet are the most award-winning audio system of all time. Drop in for a demonstration and experience Devialet technology.

Devialet & Kef Reference Room

Music Room 4 – Dynaudio Room

Experience the Dynaudio Confidence Platinum C4 speakers powered via your choice of three electronics systems based in this room for easy comparison from Audio Research, McIntosh and Plinius. Dynaudio has been on range at Life Style Store for over 13 years. Whilst the new Dynaudio room showcases the Confidence C4’s, we also have the Dynaudio Custom, Emit, Excite, XEO, Focus, Contour and Confidence products on display. We even have the Evidence Platinum’s on display in our Main Theatre. The Dynaudio room features a large range of Vicoustic acoustic treatments including Vicoustic Bass Traps, Wavewood Cinema Round Panels and DC2 Multifuser Treatments.

Dynaudio Room

Music Room 5 – Floor Standing Comparison Room

This room is ideal for comparing mid to large size speakers across a range of power amplifiers.

Dynaudio Room

Music Room 6 – Bookshelf Comparison Room

This room is ideal for comparing small to mid size speakers across a range of power amplifiers. The room features a large range of Vicoustic acoustic treatments including Vicoustic Bass Traps, Wavewood Absorption & Diffusion Panels, Multifuser Wood and Flex-Wave Ceiling Treatments.

Linn Room

Music Room 7 – Sonus faber & Audio Research Room

Experience the $90,000 Sonus faber Lilium Speakers powered by an Audio Research Reference system featuring the new Audio Research Reference 6 Pre-Amplifier, a CD9 and a pair of Reference 160 Mono Block Power Amplifiers. The audio performace of this system is simply breathtaking! As Sydney’s Premier destination for Sonus faber & Audio research we also have the entire range of Sonetto, Olympica & Homage speakers on demonstration. Our Audio Research range includes the VSI Integrated amplifiers, the LS Pre-Power systems and the Reference Pre-Power Systems. The acoustic treatments in this room comprise a combination of custom made and Vicoustic room treatments.

Sonus faber Theatre

Music Room 8 – PMC Fenestria Room

Experience the ground breaking $90,000 PMC Fenestria’s powered by a McIntosh Electronics system. This system has been awarded numerous awards and is being powered by two McIntosh 1,200 Watt Mono Block Power Amplifiers. Life Style Store is proud to be the only store in Australia with the spectacular PMC Fenestria speakers on demonstration. These speakers are being demonstrated in a room that was purpose built to house them and show off their impressive capabilities. We also have the range of PMC series speakers available for demonstration  The acoustic treatments in this room comprise a combination of custom made and Vicoustic room treatments.

Martin Logan Neolith Room

Dynaudio Active Speaker Demonstration Wall

This area features the range of Dynausio Active XEO and Focus XD speakers. A quick audition and understanding of the technology can be experienced in this space. For more critical listening, the selected pairs can be moved into a premium demonstration room..

Dynaudio Active

Hi-Fi Demonstration Walls

This area features high-quality, affordably priced music system solutions. There are three distinct areas, with each featuring a different electronics brand. Each of the systems is paired with complementary speakers so that you can experience what a quality hi-fi solutions in the $1,000 to $5,000 price range sound like. The Rotel area features Rotel 10 and 15 series electronics with Q Acoustics speakers, the Cambridge Audio area features Cambridge Audio Topaz and CX Series Electronics and Cambridge Audio Speakers whilst the Marantz area features Marantz electronics with Kef & Sonus faber speakers.

Hi-Fi Demonstration Walls

Turntable Wall

This area features turntables from Rega, Pro-Ject, Mo-Fi, Marantz, Denon, EAT and Linn as well as turntable accessories from various brands. The resurgence in music over recent years has led to an increased appreciation of high quality music and analogue sound is definitely at the forefront of this. The ultimate analogue sound source is a quality turntable. Whilst each music room features a turntable as a part of the system, any of these turntables can be set up for you to audition and compare within a short timeframe, however if you advise us in advance of your requirements or preferences we will have the requested models set-up ready for you to audition when you arrive.

Turntable Wall

Bose Display Area

As well as having the range of Bose personal audio on display for demonstration, we also have a dedicated Bose display room featuring the latest Bose Home Theatre Systems and soundbars. Our Bose display room has been styled like a living room and features motorised blinds, an LED starlight ceiling and LED feature lights all operated by Control4.

Bose Demonstration Area

Projector Displays

For the true home theatre experience nothing beats a front projector. Each of our nine theatre display rooms feature a proper home theatre projector so that you can experience real home theatre. We have projectors available from most of the consumer brands such as Sony & Epson as well as the world’s leading specialist projector brands including Barco, Runco, Sim2 and Wolf Cinema. All of our projectors on display are in the highest 1920 x 1080 Ultra HD resolution for the latest HD and Blu-Ray formats and we also have the latest 4K projector technology on display.

Multi-Room Audio-Visual

A distributed multi-room audio system allows you to listen to your favourite music in any room of your home. You can listen to music from your own digital collection, online music services or your phone and control each area from your smartphone or tablet over your wi-fi network. Each room can independently play different music at different volumes and you can easily group rooms together from the app. Subwoofers can also be added to indoor or outdoor areas for even better sound and additional audio zones can easily be added in the future to expand the system.

Adding a HDMI Matrix to the system allows you to store all of your video sources in one location and watch any video source in any room and control it all via one Control system app.

We have numerous complete multi-room systems with audio and video switching operating throughout the shop. There is nothing like a hands on demonstration for experiencing what a multi-room audio-video system can do for your home.

For more basic solutions we have a range of wired and wireless systems on display from brands such as Control4, Bose, Sonos, Heos, Bluesound, AudioPro, Dynaudio, Devialet, Blustream and more.

Control Systems

Your remote control is the part of your system that you have the most interaction with and we really understand that there is nothing more frustrating than seeing 6 or 7 remotes strewn around your lounge room. We have a range of control options from world leading brands such as Control4 on display. We have options that can communicate via Infra-Red, RS232, Radio Frequency or over WiFi networks and communicate with every device around your home. Control4 also have device applications that come with their processors which allows most smartphones, tablets or PC’s to become your remote control.

Power Management

Power Protection is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to home audio-visual systems. Effective power conditioning, filtration and a clean constant power supply will not only protect your valuable investment but it can also significantly improve the audio and visual performance of your system. We have a range of these products available from market leading brands such as Furman, Isotek and Thor and we would be more than happy to demonstrate the difference that they can make to your system. We also offer an in-home trial service on these products so that you can experience the difference they can make on your own system.


Speaker Cables and Audio-Visual Interconnects are often the most under-rated component of a stereo or home theatre system. We have a number of walls showcasing a large range of the world’s leading cable brands and are able to demonstrate the difference between varying cables on our in-store demonstration systems. We carry an extensive range of cables from world leading brands such as Atlas, AudioQuest, Chord, Tributaries, Van den Hul and Wireworld. We also offer an in-home trial service on these products so that you can experience the difference they can make on your own system.


We have a large range of audio-visual furniture on display within and around our demonstration rooms. We have pre-made furniture from brands such as Bell’o, Gecko, NorStone, Quadraspire and Tauris as well as numerous examples of custom made furniture that we can have made to suit your room and requirements. We can even integrate items such as fireplaces and motorised television lifts within custom joinery. We also have cinema seating on display from various leading theatre seat manufacturers. We are also able to offer an in-home consultancy service for custom made furniture.