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Savant PAV-AIO1C-00 IP Audio Single In And Out

  • Supports 24-Bit, 96 kHz sample rate
  • Bi-color Power and Status LED indicators

Savant PAV-SMS2001-00 IP Audio Music Server

  • AirPlay content from any iOS device
  • Optical and Digital Coax connections for non AVB installs

Savant HST-SIPA1SM-00 IP Audio 1

  • With Integrated Host And Savant Music 2.0

Triad 8×8 Audio Matrix Switcher

Control4 Triad 8x8 Audio Matrix Switcher - 8 Source, 8 Output Audio Matrix Switcher

Triad 4-Zone Multi-Room Amplifier

Control4 Triad 4-Zone Multi-Room Amplifier

Savant PAV-AOM8C-00 PROAV Audio Output IP Receiver

  • Any stream from the AVB network can be routed to any channel
  • With Control

Triad 8-Zone Multi-Room Amplifier

Control4 Triad 8-Zone Multi-Room Amplifier

Triad 24×24 Audio Matrix Switcher

Control4 Triad 24x24 Audio Matrix Switcher - 24 Source, 24 Output Audio Matrix Switcher

Savant PAV-SIPA50SM-00 IP Audio 50 With Savant Music 2.0

  • 4 IR ports
  • Flexible installation with options for rack, structured media, and credenza mounting

Savant SSA-3220D-00 32 X 20 Audio Matrix Switcher

  • 20 outputs
  • Both analog and digital PCM audio are available simultaneously on each output for added flexibility

Savant PAV-SIPA125SM-05 IP Audio 125 With Savant Music 2.0

  • 6 IR ports
  • 4 units with a Smart Host, providing 18 total zones (16 amplified, 8 pre-amp) and 4 built-in streams of Savant Music

Control4 4K Ultra 6×6 HDMI Matrix Package with 4 HDMI Receivers

Control4 4K Ultra 6x6 HDMI Matrix Package with 4 HDMI Receivers