As factory sound systems become more complex and a vehicles main control  head unit grows to offer more features many  customers wonder whether they can upgrade their sound system without changing the look of their vehicle. At Life Style Store we have a number of solutions that allow you to do just that as well  as various audio visual and add-on solutions  to further enhance and add onto the features you already enjoy in your car.

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Audison APBMW BIAMP 1 Plug & Play Harness for BMW MINI

Plug & Play harness that provides the ability to bi-amplify the front speakers of BMW and MINI vehicles that are not provided with an OEM amplifier. 

Focal IC 165VW Speaker Upgrade Replacement VW Coaxial Speakers

$399 $334
FOCAL IC 165VW SPEAKER UPGRADE Replacement VW Coaxial Speakers

Focal IC690TOY 6×9 Coaxial Speaker Kit

  • Toyota, Lexus, Subaru and Isuzu DMAX compatible