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Bose 161 On-Wall Speakers (Pair)

$299 $279
Versatile Bose speakers for both music and movie listening

Paradigm Cinema 200 Speaker (Each)

3-driver, 2-way acoustic suspension LCR on-wall speaker

Klipsch RP-140D LCR / Surround Speaker (per Speaker)

Klipsch RP-140D LCR / Surround Speaker (per Speaker)
Not Available for Online Purchase

Paradigm Millenia LP 2 Speaker

Paradigm's leanest on-wall system to date in an ultra-thin on-wall high-gloss enclosure! Only 4.4 cm thick including wall mount bracket

Paradigm Millenia One 2.0 Speaker Pack

2.0 Music and Home Theater System includes: 2 – MilleniaOne L/R speakers.

Cambridge Audio S212 2.1 Speaker System

2 x Min11 Speakers with X201 Subwoofer home speaker system