Atlas All Cu Z Speaker Cable Banana Plug

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Atlas All Cu Z Speaker Cable Banana Plug



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The Z plug has with some justification, become the plug of choice for speaker cables. The most popular and arguably the best of these is the solderless crimp plug. The conductor to plug interface can be crimped under pressure to amalgamate the plug metal with the conductor metal to form an air tight seal that will not oxidize with time. It’s also available for connection to the conductors via grub screws where crimping is not an option.

Atlas dealers or distributors can fit these with with Atlas cables to any specified length. With the Equator and the Hyper, we recommend they be supplied with Atlas boot-legs. The plugs are available with plastic handles or with decorative metal handles

The 4mm contact area is produced from beryllium copper; it expands within the socket to make contact around 360 degrees and that makes a better signal path than the typical banana plug with a spring for example that only has contact via the spring and the part of the periphery of the plug opposite the spring.

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Atlas All Cu Z Speaker Cable Banana Plug

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