Bassocontinuo Revolution Line Aeon 2.0 3 Shelf Hi-Fi Equipment Rack

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Bassocontinuo Revolution Line Aeon 2.0 3 Shelf Hi-Fi Equipment Rack


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The Bassocontinuo Revolution Line is their new flagship line and is built utilising handcrafted techniques and composite materials. The Aeon 2.0 is desgned to hold audio and visual component items.

Bassocontinuo design combines functionality with appearance, focusing particularly on ergonomics, practicality and aesthetics. Their products are characterised by clean lines and extreme simplicity, the design is the key element. Developed and applied from the structure to the choice of materials, this process results in beautiful, high performance and practical products which are reliable, functional and extremely durable.

THE Revolution LINE – WHAT IT IS


Harmonious shapes and performances without compromises. Carbon main structure (CFRP ENDOSKELETON) and highly cushioning techno gel on which float the shelves (LHPS SHELVES). An innovative and skillful material mix enhances the concept of perfection. REVOLUTION LINE was born to create a new standard and to explode some false myths.

It is a product line born and designed to satisfy the most demanding enthusiast (AEON is the forefather and its name means “era” or “eternity”). It is tested with anti-seismic methodologies and certified thanks to cutting-edge devices that spotted its weak points and gave us the chance to fix them and develop a unique project.


Composite materials as system’s frame. Carbon fibre is an anisotropic material (it reacts differently to the different forces that stress it) that is used in the aerospace and automotive industry for its characteristics of high stiffness and lightweight.
The CFRP (acronym for Carbon fibre Reinforced Polymer) ENDOSKELETON is made of a BIDIRECTIONAL carbon and glass fibre sandwich structure reinforced with structural resins. The fibres orientation (optimized thanks to structural and accelerometric tests that have evidenced the critical stress points) made possible the creation of a very light main frame (around 600 grams) able to bear up to 140 times its weight. The CFRP ENDOSKELETON is a MONOCOQUE BODY, namely made of a unique monolithic element made in an aluminium machined solid plate. Monocoque bodies have no structural welding and this is their distinguishing feature. Monocoque bodies are the best that composite market can offer. (F1 cars have a safety airframe that is made using this technology).


Lightweight High Performance Sandwich is a material mix especially designed to enhance sound performances. Each shelf section has a mono directional carbon fibre shell 1 mm thick and a special polyurethane foam with overlapping epoxy resin that build out supporting ribs. The result is a perfect dispersion of residual vibrations (generated by the sources) in the form of heat, a very high resistance to compression and to static load and an optimum force distribution (as it is demonstrated by the modal analysis).
The four techno gel dumpings on which it leans, allow the movement of the shelf in three directions and dramatically reduce direct vibrations generated by the sound pressure.

TSA – Technogel Shock Absorber

To describe this exceptional material we need only few words! Developed by Technogel Gmbh in cooperation with Bayer Chemical Company (it has been widely employed also in our ZEN LINE), Technogel is a unique “soft solid” material that joins together the 3D deformation of a fluid and the memory shape of a solid.
It’s a completely non-toxic and stable polyurethane substance (made without using oils or plasticizers), at first developed for the medical field and now used in a wide range of applications. This material, exposed to dynamic stress, has demonstrated a degree of absorption and dispersion unique in its category.

EDT – Encapsulated Damper Technology

Here is the challenge! Where else could Bassocontinuo place a high performance rack if not on the only material that can guarantees a very high absorption coefficient? Every foot is adjustable in height thanks to threads 1 point per inch, it has inside an elastomer cylinder 15 mm thick and 3 degrees of constraint (thus it maintains the necessary stability).
Thanks to the material’s relative compliance (50 sh.) the foot easily adjusts to the surface and at the same time this compliance absorbs (and disperse in the form of heat) floor vibrations that are the vibrations that have a bigger strength (low frequency transverse waves). A simple but effective solution.

THE Revolution LINE – WHY


The experience gained during all these years challenged us towards a new goal. AEON was born after we reached it. The new REVOLUTION LINE enters a crowded market but it has that extra oomph. We read every day statements that exceed the concepts of physics basis. It seems that those that exaggerate the most win. Other times someone makes up some miraculous potion that has the only aim to mix up ideas. AEON – and the next devices included in the REVOLUTION LINE – is based on clear physics concepts and on serious data. We have not made up things and we have left nothing to chance. To establish a new standard, it is necessary to respect the consumer: is the rack that we have created the best available on the market? Probably not but we are well aware of what we are about to introduce.


Maybe what you see is just a small part of what we think. We have always tried to be different from what was on the market. There are many ways to present a brand, a product or an idea. They may be all right or all wrong, it always depends on the points of view. There is no doubt that our spur has been and still is the desire to explore and stand out.

Our secret was to observe the market and try to improve it by introducing a philosophy and a way of seeing things from a different perspective. The customer that approaches us thinks the same way that we do. He wants the best, he wants it before others and what belongs to him represents his way of being, is a mirror of himself.
Today our product is not an object with an end to itself. It evolves in time, it follows you and adapts to your needs: today, tomorrow, always…


Some people think that to design a rack is an easy task while to commercialise it is more complex.
Since the beginning we have chosen with the utmost care materials, finishing and shapes. We have studied the design and the packaging in order to have a product with our footprint, a trademark always recognizable. The care for details has made the difference.
REVOLUTION LINE, born today, is the natural evolution of what we have sown up to now. The market trend confirms that we are right: six years after its birth BASSOCONTINUO exports in more than 30 Countries and new and important distributing contracts are on their way.
The annual growth trend is between 12% and 15% and we are slowly acquiring market shares from those that felt that they’ve made it.. We have just started out and nothing is going to stop us.

THE Revolution LINE – HOW


This was the most important phase. In this phase we were to find out if the project was correct: for the transmissibility analysis we have prepared a rack simulating a situation of operativity (we have loaded it with asymmetrical weights to simulate the presence of the electronic devices). We have performed the analysis stressing the deck with a seismic shaker able to create frequencies from 1Hz to 18 kHz from the distance of 1 meter.
In this case the EDT (Encapsulated Damper Technology) module reacted perfectly and demonstrated its ability to damp vibrations, significantly reducing the peaks.


Once established the exact composition of the endoskeleton we have done the dynamic analysis of the entire structure.
We have used a measuring hammer and four mono-axial accelerometers on 51 selected points so to recreate the structural net.
With the EMA (Experimental Modal Analysis) and a dedicated software we have detected the parameters of the resonance frequencies, of the dampings and of the modal warps. This study evidenced some criticality and gave us the opportunity to solve problems that had never been faced before in this market. The result is a highly performing rack – without compromises – at a very competitive price.


The modal analysis of the CFRP ENDOSKELETON and of the LHPS SHELF has been performed with a seismic shaker created to generate the vibrations of a source engine (analogue or digital) and to understand what actually happens to a rack that undergoes direct stress.
A three-axial accelerometer has been positioned in 42 points of the structure. In this way we have recreated the vibrational movements obtained stimulating the structure with frequencies included between 20 Hz and 11 KHz.
The subsequent analysis of the results evidenced the critical points of the prototype and gave us the opportunity to optimise the orientation of the carbon layers and maximise its performance.


To design a rack it is necessary to evaluate, first of all, which is the load that it can bear. AEON is the first rack with a carbon main structure that can bear a very high load (80 kg on bottom shelf, 60 kg on all the others) even if it has a total weight of 635 gr. An amazing result! The breaking point is even more astounding: the CFRP ENDOSKELETON can bear loads 500 times superior to its weight. The deformation curves show a straight trend and a very high static resistance. The deformation is inferior to 2 mm on a 800mm long arm, loaded in its central part with more than 120 kg. With the same load the horizontal deformation is inferior to 0,3 mm.


A tachygraphic certificate, that comes with every product, guarantees the perfect execution of the autoclave manufacturing process of the endoskeleton (and the shelf). The control of pressure, time and temperature is fundamental to achieve the best results.
High temperature and pressure (120 C° and about 6 bars) inside the mould facilitate the hardening of the epossidic resin and the absence of air bubbles in the structure. This same procedure is required in the aeronautical and automotive sector to certify the coherence of the productive process.


STRUCTURE: Modular solid stainless steel or pure copper; floating shelves on CFRP endoskeleton. Carbon fibre shield with PU absorbtion sandwich.


HEIGHT BETWEEN SHELVES: From 95 mm to 345 mm

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 660 x 560 mm (W x D)

USABLE SPACE: 600 x 515 mm per shelf (W x D)

TOP SHELF USABLE SPACE: 660 x 560 mm per shelf (W x D)

LOAD CAPACITY: 80 kg bottom shelf / 60 kg top shelves

DECOUPLING: TSA (Technogel Shock Absorber) and EDT (Encapsulated Damper Technology).

– Upgrade in aftermarket (change the heights between the shelves at any time by adding more cylinders or the smart accessories).
– CFRP endoskeleton it’s a mono shell/body made by carbon fibre design
– 2 years warranty

Optional Accessories

B1 Modular Damping Feet

B1 is a new revolutionary anti vibration foot. B1 is indeed universal! It fit for the most of electronics in the market, instead of original feet, and represent a good help in the isolation. The B1 can even be used under floorstanding loudspeakers, under the stands of bookshelf loudspeakers or under the racks instead of normal base discs. What makes B1 special? Simple, B1 is modular and conceptually different. Inside of it there is a damping cylinder that allows it to isolate the foot from the surface on which it’s placed. The vibrations are absorbed from the cylinder and converted into heat. The feet can be adapted for different weight, changing the cylinder inserted inside. The set, it’s sold in an elegant wood box, and it’s accompanied of 3 different cylinders, tested to obtain the best result depending from the weight.

DSD – decoupling steel discs

Bassocontinuo’s standard decoupling discs. Made of AISI303 solid stainless steel, this indispensable accessory is included in all the REFERENCE LINE racks. It’s not a normal base disc, but a really decoupling base. Inside there is a nitrile rubber Oring with high damping factor. It can replace each type of spike shoe and it can be used under bookshelf or floorstanding loudspeakers, amplifiers, digital and analogue sources or racks. DSD is available in a set of 3, 4 or 5 units.

M KIT – Additional Cylinders

Revolution Line – it’s a class of products that allows an incredible quantity of combinations. Do you need additional space for your new power amplifier? Now it’s simple: Bassocontinuo have two different additional cylinders kits (5 and 10 cm) to increase the height between two shelves. Available in Copper or Solid Stainless Steel.
Your investment is for life!


Nobody until now thought about it. On the market there are several headphone stands, but all of them need a place, several times far from the audio system. So why not integrate the rack with a headphone stand? Bassocontinuo made it…MY HEADPHONE STAND is the first stand perfect for a rack. Made by anodised aluminium it’s also possible to choose a bespoke finishing, for example you can cover it with genuine black leather and contrast stitches/threads.


How many remote control you’ve in your audio system? Mostly of the time we leave them in a corner or we stack on randomly.
Also this time we’ve created something simple but efficient: MY REMOTE CONTROL HOLDER it’s a small carbon fibre stand to hold mostly of the remote control on the market. You’ll be able to install up to two MY REMOTE CONTROL HOLDER for each shelf… now you haven’t any excuse.


From the sound side everybody knows that the crossing of signal cables, power cables and loudspeakers cables can create several troubles to your audio system, from the aesthetic side we think there is nothing to add. MY CABLE MANAGER it’s a functional object, with a charming design, able to organise your B side audio system.




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Bassocontinuo Revolution Line Aeon 2.0


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