Chord HDMI Active Resolution V2 Cable

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Chord HDMI Active Resolution V2 Cable



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Whether you’re a movie lover, gamer or sports fan, todays TV’s and projectors give you the ‘being there’ experience. HDMI cables from The Chord Company can guarantee a crystal clear, standard or HD image.  As you would expect from Chord, they pride ourselves on bringing the entire experience to life with the best audio in the business. All of their cables, regardless of length, are designed to faithfully carry the very latest video, audio and ethernet signals. Partner your HDMI with their analogue and digital interconnects, and speaker cable to bring your entire living room or home theatre to life! “A high speed HDMI cable that delivers excellent picture quality in lengths of up to 20 metres.” The Active Resolution HDMI cable has a special chip set, small enough to fit inside the HDMI plug, powerful enough to produce an outstanding picture and provide high speed performance and Ethernet over lengths of up to 20 metres. The Active Resolution uses silver-plated conductors for all the important signal paths, insulation is gas foamed polyethylene and the redesigned plug has a metal outer shell to provide the best protection and 24 Kt gold-plated signal contacts. The Active Resolution HDMI cable is easy to install and fitting it will ensure that you feed a screen or projector with the best possible signal.


The Cable The Chord Active Resolution HDMI cable uses silver-plated oxygen free copper signal conductors.  Silver-plated conductors are a very good way to carry a high speed signal. The 5 metre and 8 metre cables use a lighter gauge conductor set than the 10, 15 and 20 metre versions. Insulation is low loss gas foamed polyethylene and all critical signal conductors are shielded with high frequency effective shielding. The Plugs The Active Resolution is fitted with a die-cast gold-plated HDMI plug with a metal body to improve shielding.  This is particularly important because the receive end of the cable has a signal enhancing network chipset that significantly improves sound and picture quality.  This means that it is important to note the direction arrows on the cable when installing. Use it with The Active Resolution will work in any situation that requires a long HDMI cable, and will carry a high speed signal in lengths of up to 20 metres. Please do read the instructions before installing; because the active chip set is fitted within the HDMI plug it is important to install the cable in the correct direction.

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Over twenty-seven years of research, experimentation and close cooperation with some of the best equipment manufacturers means that right now, the cables and interconnects that The Chord Company produces are some of the very best available. Cutting edge design and obsessive attention to build quality makes for cables that will reveal the true performance of any hi-fi or home cinema system.

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