Dragonfly 16:9 Fixed Matte White Projector Screen

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Dragonfly 16:9 Fixed Matte White Projector Screen with Black Velvet Border



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These Dragonfly™ Matte White Fixed Screens are the go-to choice for fantastic image quality – a micro-diamond pattern delivers ultrawide off-axis viewing while reducing light ripples and glare to create true-to-life‚ accurate reproductions. From their high-quality screen material to their quick-to-assemble‚ black velvet aluminium frame these projection screens guarantee a beautiful image with each use. Dragonfly fixed screens mount directly to the wall and add a polished look to any room, whether it’s in a dedicated home theatre or multi-purpose space.Whether your home has plenty of windows, a custom layout, or a new room that’s just begging to be remodeled, Dragonfly can turn any residential space into a transformative cinematic experience.

Dragonfly™ Matte White Projection Screen with Black Velvet Frame (HDTV, 16:9) 

Dragonfly™ Matte White screens are the go to choice for offering great image quality across a variety of applications. From their high-quality screen material to their quick-to-assemble, black velvet aluminium frame – you will have a great looking projection screen that will ensure a beautiful image every time.

Matte White Screen Material

Our Matte White screen material makes every seat the best in the house! It’s engineered with a micro-diamond pattern that delivers ultra-wide off-axis viewing so no matter where you’re sitting you get the best performance. Reduced light “ripples” and glare create impeccable color balance and translates to true-to-life, accurate 

Rigid Aluminium, Velvet Covered Frame 

Every fixed screen frame is hand-wrapped with VelTX™ black velvet, providing an elegant finish that absorbs any overscan for the perfect theatre experience. The beveled 3-1/4 inch aviation grade aluminium frame is rigid, easy to assemble, and looks great too!

Screen Assembly Is a Snap

Your installer’s valuable time is best spent tuning the room for the perfect performance – not assembling and installing the screen. That’s why this Dragonfly™ screen has been engineered with SnapPerfect™ technology to provide quicker screen attachment to the frame and an always-tight, wrinkle-free surface for a lifetime of image perfection.

Set It Up, Lock It Down

Dragonfly™ fixed screens include our Set-n-Lock™ mounting system, which features pre-measured tethers connecting the single top and bottom installation bars. This ensures a fast and easy fixed screen wall mount with the ability to slide it for centering to the projector. And unlike the competition, our Set-n-Lock™ includes clips to secure the screen to the bottom rail, keeping it snug to the wall and safe from prying fingers.


  • High-quality 1080p delivers gorgeous colour reproduction
  • Unique micro-diamond pattern reduces light ripples for better viewing
  • Perfect lay flat
  • Easy to install
  • Contemporary design
  • No moving parts


  • Home Theatre
  • Data Projection
  • Boardroom Presentations
  • Government Projects


Description: Fixed Frame Screen – ready to assemble – best possible lay-flat qualities

Frame: Black Velour Finish for Increased Contrast and Overscan Protection.

Surface: Easy snap on screen surface – Matt White PVC – Gain 1.0

Brackets: Wall Brackets

Sizes: 100” Diagonal up to 140” Diagonal

Please Note: These screen systems utilise the structural support of the wall brackets in the design. If wall brackets are not to be used seek advice for potential frame alterations. 

1.0000 kg


screen size

100″, 106″, 110″, 120″, 133″


Dragonfly 16:9 Fixed Matte White Screen


Projection Screen

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Transform any space into the perfect home theatre. Dragonfly will turn your room into a transformative cinematic experience.