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Heos Link Multi-Room Streamer

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The music you’ve always loved is new again with the incomparable sound quality of HEOS. And, with almost endless sources for new music thanks to online services and streaming, you’ll discover new faves. Lose yourself in the music. Again and again.


With HEOS, you have all the options you need and all the access you want. Stream favourite cloud sources like Spotify, Deezer, TIDAL, Napster, TuneIn, SoundCloud and Mood Mix. Plus, listen to tracks directly from your phone, tablet or USB drive.


A Simple, Easy-to-use Interface. Instant access with 3 simple tabs. You can also download it to as many devices as you like.


Install the free HEOS app on as many phones and tablets as you like. Control the music in every room from any device. Group two or more rooms together to play the same song perfectly synchronised in party mode. Play a different song in every room when everyone wants to dance to their own tune.


When it’s time for a get-together, group HEOS speakers together for a house full of sound.


Every member of the household can listen to his or her faves—in his or her own space.


Pick up any of your phones or tablets as you move from room to room. Control the music in every room from any device. Set the mood that’s just right for the moment.


If it makes sound, we make it.

We’ve built our name on unrelenting attention to innovative craftsmanship and quality, often being the first to deliver new audio innovations. Each HEOS system is passionately engineered in-house at Denon and composed of meticulously designed components that harmonise together and deliver the performance that music lovers crave and deserve.


HEOS Speakers, HEOS Link and HEOS Amp now feature compatibility with high-resolution audio files for the ultimate listening experience over network or USB all in the convenience of your home. Listen to uncompressed WAV (PCM), ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) and FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) music files up to 24-bit/192-kHz and coming soon DSD (DSD is the audio coding format of SACD) and AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) audio tracks.


Microseconds matter: To deliver a true audiophile listening experience with multiple HEOS players at once, each HEOS player must be synchronised to an extremely high degree. Based on years of meticulous research, HEOS delivers unparalleled synchronisation performance within microseconds.


HEOS is the product of an obsession with audio and the love of music. Our in-house engineering team has worked together hand-selecting each critical component to play its part inside the unique beauty of our acclaimed designs.


The HEOS Link is part of the HEOS wireless multi-room sound system that enables you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere and everywhere around your home. By utilising your existing wireless home network and the HEOS app on your iOS or Android device, you can explore, browse, and play music from your own music library, from online streaming music services, and from thousands of internet radio stations.

With the HEOS Link, you can add HEOS multi-room audio to an existing music or home theater audio system, and you can play different songs in different rooms or the same song in every room.

The versatile HEOS Link features built-in dual band “N” wireless technology for quick and easy connection to your home network. In addition to the built-in wireless function, the HEOS Link is also equipped with an RJ-45 Ethernet port for hard wire connection to your LAN. The USB port lets you connect a portable USB drive, and you can also use the USB connection to charge your portable device.

In addition to the stereo pre-amp outputs, there’s also a sub output for connection to a powered subwoofer. Both coaxial and optical digital audio outputs are included for compatibility with the widest range of equipment, and the unit features an optical digital audio input. The HEOS Link is also equipped with a stereo line input (via RCA jacks) as well as an additional auxiliary input with a 3.5mm jack for direct connection to a portable player.

As with our HEOS wireless speaker models, you’ll be able to stream your favourite music tracks and control the HEOS Link with our HEOS App, which is available in both iOS and Android versions. With the HEOS App, you can choose to listen to music tracks on your smartphone, tablet or portable audio player, and you also can listen to your choice of internet radio stations, and you can also listen to your favourite music streaming service.

Our exclusive digital technology provides precise audio synchronization (within microseconds) to ensure top audio fidelity and stereo imaging quality.

And, the HEOS Link provides additional convenience for owners of Denon audio components or systems. Connect the included infrared emitter to the HEOS Link IR output and place it so that it’s near the front panel of your Denon component. Or, if your Denon has a direct IR input jack, you can connect the HEOS Link via the supplied IR direct cable. Then, via the HEOS App, you can turn your Denon system on and select the appropriate input and enjoy your favourite music tracks. You can choose to listen to different songs in different rooms or play the same song in all rooms. There’s also a 12V trigger output that lets you connect the HEOS Link to other devices or products that feature a 12V trigger input, such as motorized drapes or a drop-down motorized front projection screen.


  • The elegant HEOS Link enclosure features stylish silver accents, and for convenience, there are volume and mute controls discreetly placed on the side panel.
  • Turn any receiver, amplifier or home stereo system into a HEOS zone
  • Play any Song in any room on demand from streaming services.
  • Denon AVR, HiFi and Mini power, input and volume control
  • 12V trigger output for external device turn-on
  • Subwoofer pre-out
  • Optical digital and analogue inputs
  • Coaxial and optical digital outputs
  • Variable analogue output
  • Multi-room function
  • Superior Sound
  • Easy to Use App
  • Easy Setup
  • Play and source on any speaker from any smart device: streaming cloud services, directly from phone/tablet, USB, network storage, aux in.
  • Better Industrial Design


All HEOS speakers feature:


Every room can have its own HEOS sound. Or, group multiple speakers to fill the house with the same song. Multi-room means multiple options.


Cloud music, streaming music and your music library—all your favourite sources are supported by this amazing FREE app.


It’s no accident that HEOS speakers produce pristine sound. They are engineered by the experts at Denon, innovators in audio for more than 100 years.


It’s amazing how quickly you can start listening to your HEOS speakers. Place your speakers, and you will be listening to music in minutes.. It’s really that simple.


Audio System

Fixed/Variable Analog Output Add the HEOS Link to any existing stereo system using the high quality analog output.

Digital Fiber Optic and Coxial Ouputs Fiber optic and coaxial outputs allow for stereo LPCM digital audio output to compatible audio systems.

Auxiliary Analog Line Input The 3.5 mm stereo analog auxiliary line input lets users connect a device with analog stereo output directly to the HEOS Link.

Optical Digital Input The optic digital line input lets users connect a device with an optical digital output directly to the HEOS Link.

Subwoofer Pre-out Connect any powered subwoofer to the HEOS Link for additional bass.

External Audio System Control The HEOS Link comes with an IR emitter output which allows for automatic power, source selection and volume control of Denon A/V receiver, integrated amplifiers and mini systems.

12 Volt Trigger Output The 12V trigger output lets you connect the HEOS Link to other devices that feature 12V trigger inputs such as power amplifiers, motorized drapes or front projection screens.

Music Sources

Music Subscription Services The HEOS app lets you choose from popular subscription streaming services including Napster, Deezer, Spotify and TuneIn, and from other services that offer DRM-free tracks. More services will be added soon.

Internet Radio Stations Choose from your favorite internet radio stations and listen to MP3 and WMA streaming audio.

Music Formats Supported HEOS Link supports MP3 and WMA music files, including purchased WMA downloads, as well as AAC (MPEG4) and FLAC (lossless) file types, along with WAV files. Supports 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz sampling rates.

Picture Formats Supported HEOS Link supports JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF album art picture formats.

USB Drives Supported HEOS Link supports USB thumb drives via the built-in USB port. Music content on a USB drive can be played back locally, or on any or all HEOS players on your network.


Wireless Connection Connect to your wireless network quickly and easily. HEOS Link supports the latest 802.11 networks (including dual band “N”) for the most reliable network connection.

Wired Connection Connect to your home or office LAN system via the RJ-45 wired LAN port.


Power Supply

AC 120 V, 60 Hz (North America)
AC 220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz (Europe)

What’s In The Box

HEOS Link, AC power cord, 3.5mm setup cable, 3.5mm IR direct cable, IR emitter cable, Analog RCA cables, Ethernet cable for wired LAN hookup, Quick Start guide.

Controls & Indicators

Volume Up/Down (+, -),
Mute LED indicator,
LED multi-function status indicator,
Network connect button,
Reset button (recessed)


2.9 lbs; 1.3 kg

Multiple Language Support

English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish

Dimensions (H x W x D)

155mm x 74mm x 150mm / 6.1in x 2.9in x 5.9in

Operating Temperature Range

41°F~95°F; 5°C~35°C

Product Finish

Black Front/Sides, Silver Top and Trim


Professional Reviews


One of the most well-equipped contenders to take on Sonos at the game it knows so well. It’s similarly priced, equally stylish, wonderfully simple to use and includes a few great features that, as yet, Sonos has overlooked.

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Heos Link Multi-Room Streamer

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