Kenwood KFC-XS1704 Hi-Res Audio 17cm Component Speaker


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High-Resolution Audio Certified

With more information to play with, high-resolution audio tends to boast greater detail and texture, you’ll hear every song in all its detailed glory – just as the artist intended – for sound that’s more engaging, dynamic and lifelike.


Magnetic Circuit with Aluminum Ring
An aluminum ring minimizes unwanted distortion caused by electromagnetic induction of the voice coil, and it ensures a clear sound.

High Rigid Glass Fiber Diaphragm
A glass-fiber is the material with high strength and high toughness. The woven glass-fiber diaphragm cleanly provides all the detail and impact you expect.

Phase Correcting Diffuser
Its specially designed slits correct unwanted  phase shift and deliver a more life-like sound experience while the concave shape on a center part of diffuser clearly reproduces a vocal sound image.

2way Tweeter
The tweeter consists of two tweeters. This unique structure delivers the fullness in a wide range while each tweeter reproduces a different frequency band.

Special Phase Plug with Center Dip Design
Optimizes sound radiation resulting in natural and charming vocal. 



Speaker Tech-Spec KFC-XS1704
Peak Input Power 180W
RMS Input Power 45W
Size 17cm
Tweeter Design Soft + Titanium Dome
Tweeter Magnet Composition Ferrite
Woofer Magnet Composition Neodymium
Nominal Impedance 4ohms
Frequency Response 34Hz-56kHz (-10dB)
Sensitivity (dB/W at 1m) 83dB
Mounting Depth 57mm
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Kenwood KFC-XS1704


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