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LaunchPort has two parts, a Sleeve and a Station. The Sleeve wraps around your iPad, protects it, and provides an interface to mount your iPad to a Station. The Station gives you a spot to mount your iPad, rotate in portrait or landscape, all the while keeping your iPad charged. There are two types of Stations: a WallStation for, you guessed it, mounting your iPad on the Wall, and a BaseStation for most everything else.


The BaseStation allows you to mount your iPad on a tabletop, at the ideal angle for typing and tapping. Rotate your iPad through 360 degrees while mounted and charging and use provided detents for alignment to portrait and landscape orientations. Silver aluminium and black gloss finishes make the BaseStation right at home with all of your Apple gear.

• Wireless inductive charging and mounting platform

• Magnetic table top mounting station

• Effortless mounting and removal

• 360 degree rotation allows the iPad to be either horizontal or Landscape orientations while mounted

• Maintains total iPad functionality while charging

• Includes power supply

• Supports all model Sleeves

Weight: 3.6 lbs..
Height: 4.46”
Width: 5.0”
Depth: 5.9”



How do I install a LaunchPort system?

The LaunchPort BaseStation and Sleeve require no installation. Simply slip a Sleeve onto an iPad and plug your BaseStation into a wall outlet. Installation is required for the LaunchPort WallStation. Installation is designed for most people to perform on their own and of course Life Style Store offer an installation service if required for an additional charge.

Where does the LaunchPort WallStation system get power in the wall?

The LaunchPort WallStation ships with a wall plate. The wall plate is installed next to a power outlet. An electrical wire is connected between the WallStation and the wall plate. The power supply is connected from the wall plate and the power outlet.

Does LaunchPort get warm?

Most electronic devices emit some degree of heat.  LaunchPort is an inductive charging system meaning that it transmits energy through the air between the charging Station and the Sleeve. Because of this, some heat is generated during this process on the surface of the inductive circuit on both the Sleeve and the Station.  It is normal and safe for the LaunchPort system to generate heat.  The LaunchPort system’s heat will never damage your iPad.  Heat may be higher during peak charging scenarios.  As soon as the Sleeve is removed from the Station, the heat will dissipate rapidly- on both the Sleeve and the Station.  LaunchPort is designed to operate well within UL Consumer Electronics heat requirements.  Additionally, the LaunchPort system is Apple MFi, FCC and CE certified.

How does LaunchPort charge my iPad?

The LaunchPort system uses the magic of inductive charging technology to charge your iPad. Induction charging works by using magnetism to transmit power between two electrical coils or transformers. If you have an electric toothbrush with a charging dock containing no conductive elements, you are already using inductive charging technology in your home. Because there are no conductive connections, LaunchPort safely delivers over 2.4 amps of power over the air. The LaunchPort inductive circuit is over 85% efficient, keeping with our commitment to maintain a low energy footprint. Also, when your iPad is not presently connected to the Station, the station falls asleep and operates below 1 watt of power, making it compliant with European low energy standards

Does LaunchPort charge my iPad in the same amount of time as my Apple Power Adapter?

The LaunchPort system provides the same amount of power as the Apple Power Adapter. It takes about 4 hours to charge a depleted iPad fully from 0% to 100%. This means that, in most circumstances, charging times are identical to the Apple Power Adapter. If you are charging iPad (3rd generation) using a LaunchPort system and have the retina display on at full brightness while charging, you may notice an increase in charge time. iPad is very smart and asks for the optimal amount of power to maximizing its own re-charge time

Will my iPad’s battery wear down faster while connected to a LaunchPort system?

Because iPad determines its own consumption of power, there is no difference between charging an iPad on a LaunchPort system or using an Apple iPad power supply. iPad is designed to maximize its battery’s lifespan and charge cycles.

How does the USB port work on my Sleeve?

The USB port on the LaunchPort Sleeve (AP.2 Sleeve and some AP.3 Sleeves) can be plugged into any supported iPad charger to charge your iPad using a mini-USB – USB cable.  The iPad 10w power adapter that came with your iPad is recommended for best compatibility, although there are many 10w USB power adapters that may work as well.  If your iPad is charging on a Station, you cannot simultaneously connect the USB cable and charge your iPad.  Conversely, if you are charging via the USB cable, you cannot simultaneously charge on a Station.  If your Sleeve is mounted to a station, you cannot simultaneously use the USB port to sync to a computer.  Remove the Sleeve from the Station and plug in the USB cable into the computer and your Sleeve to begin syncing.

How do I clean my LaunchPort products?

Dampen a microfiber cloth with a small amount of water and wiping the desired area on the device.  This method may be used for all LaunchPort products.  Cleaning your products in this way will ensure that the finish of the products will last and that the electronics inside will not be affected.

Will LaunchPort work with the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3?

Yes: iPad mini 3 works with the AM.2 Sleeve. iPad Air 2 works with AP.5 Sleeve with accompanying fit pads. AP.5 with fit pads ships mid-November

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