Dynaudio Esotec MW 172 8″ Woofer 110 Watts RMS

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8″ woofer 110 watts rms



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The new Esotec automotive series is high-end loudspeaker specialist Dynaudioメs second-generation mobile audio product range, and the companyメs first new car audio series introduction since its Mobile Fidelity models were first released over 13 years ago. Embodying Dynaudio’s latest advances in loudspeaker technology, the new Esotec automotive series is more powerful, more refined, and more sophisticated than Mobile Fidelity model range it replaces. The Esotec series exudes all of the virtues in Dynaudioメs long-standing tradition of high-performance loudspeaker designs: Highly evolved Dynaudio technology, meticulously selected components, painstakingly matched materials and carefully voiced sonics. Every technical detail is developed and manufactured in-house in Denmark exclusively by Dynaudio. By addressing the demands of the physical environment of the car, with materials suited to withstand even the harshest of conditions, and optimizing the driver parameters to deliver both excellent on-and off- axis performance in concert with an incredible near-field response, Dynaudio’s Esotec automotive loudspeaker designs have taken the best attributes of the company’s home audio and studio product offerings and yielded a range of uncompromised loudspeaker drivers and component systems suited for all aspects of car audio installation applications. Several technical updates have brought forth significant improvement into the new Esotec model range to achieve its higher performance capabilities. The updates are explained below: New high-density mid/woofer magnet material A new high-density magnet material has been employed in the Esotec MW 152, MW 162, MW 162 GT and MW 172 mid/woofers. The stronger magnet assembly yields a more consistent and more powerful magnetic field, and provides an extremely controlled and more precise movement of the voice coil. This in turn enables higher dynamics and greater fidelity to the original music signal. Upgraded driver suspension The Esotec MW 152, MW 162, and MW 172 model variants utilize an upgraded woofer assembly that features a new suspension (spider) which enables greater mechanical movement of the cone, improved cone excursion, and allows a higher maximum SPL with more low bass output. Increased tweeter voice coil height The MD 102 soft dome tweeter has been improved with a new aluminum voice coil utilizing an increased coil height with additional windings. In conjunction with the powerful Neodymium magnet system, the new voice coil achieves greater linear excursion within the magnetic field. A higher maximum output level and increased dynamics are achieved, and the high frequency range is expanded, allowing a better integration with the upper midrange frequencies for a more balanced and natural sound. Optimized passive crossover networks The available Esotec Component Systems feature sophisticated crossover networks that have been updated with optimized parameters. Through the extensive experience gained in fine tuning the balance of Dynaudioメs premium factory automotive sound systems, the performance of the high grade components has been improved through precise adjustments and perfect matching of the internal construction of the networks to the new Esotec driversメ individual parameters and sonic characteristics, bringing forth a substantial improvement in overall sound quality. The Esotec Model Range The new Dynaudio Esotec Automotive Series is comprised of the Esotec MD 102 Soft Dome Tweeter, the Esotec MD 142 Soft Dome Midrange, the Esotec MW 152, Esotec MW 162, Esotec MW 162 GT, and Esotec MW 172 MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) Mid/woofers, and the Esotec MW 182 Woofer. The Esotec drivers may be integrated via the two available passive crossover networks: the Esotec X 252 Two-Way and Esotec X 362 Three-Way Crossovers. All Dynaudio Esotec mobile audio drivers are available individually as separate components, and the most popular two- and three-way configurations are packaged in the Esotec System 222, Esotec System 242, and Esotec System 242 GT Two-Way, as well as the Esotec System 342 and Esotec System 362 Three-Way Component Systems.

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