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When bookshelf-size speakers are placed on a floor or against a wall, their sonic output becomes connected to your floor or walls. This results in sound that is muddy, distorted and lacking in clarity. This type of placement also causes sound to transfer from your audio/video furniture, as well as to other audio and home theatre components, further reducing overall sonic performance. Not only does the speaker’s sound suffer, but neighbours and other family members will as well. How? When the speaker’s sound gets into floors and walls, others will hear it almost as loudly as you do. The solution is to isolate your speakers from floors and walls, essentially disconnecting the speakers from your room. High-performance speaker stands are essential in any high-quality audio, home theater or gaming system. Paradigm speaker stands elevate and isolate speakers from floors and walls. Sound is clearer and cleaner with much better imaging and a greater sense of realism. For dramatically superior sound and unsurpassed value, look no further than Paradigm High Performance Stands.   740mm overall height including spikes Heavy duty solid steel/extruded aluminum construction Die-cast aluminum base with adjustable locking spikes Extruded aluminum/anodized satin-nickel tube with internal cable channel. Fillable Heavy-duty solid-steel plate with isolation pads Optional top spikes (regular and mini size) Holes allow speaker and stand to be screwed together for added stability Designed for Paradigm Atom, Mini, ADP-390, SE1, Studio 20, Studio ADP-590, Signature S2, ADP3 but compatible with most bookshelf speakers Sold as a pair

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Paradigm J-29


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Crafted in Canada, Paradigm manufactures premium high-performance loudspeakers for music and home theatre.