PMC Wafer 2 On-Wall Speaker (Each)

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PMC Wafer 2 On-Wall Speaker – Price is per Speaker

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$2,663.00 $2,959.00

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The wafer 2 follows the identical design cues and contains the same intelligent innovations of the wafer 1The depth of the cabinet remains ultra slim line with small increases to the height and width. This allows for a larger and more robust bass unit giving the wafer 2 greater low frequency extension and the ability to achieve higher volume levels. The attributes of wafer 2 lend themselves perfectly to both surround sound and stereo configurations in a vast range of listening environments. The proof of the wafer2’s ability to relay the true essence of the music is found not only in its reviews but also in its various professional guises, where it is relied upon by leading studios and broadcasters such as BBC Broadcasting House, 3 of BBC Cardiff‘s main post production 5.1 dubbing suites, BBC Mailbox 5.1 Dubbing Suite. You can also find PMC’s wafer series in record store Rough Trade East – London and in Lobsterdock – a famous seafood resturant in Vienna. Where as Peter Andre & Katie Price and Paul Merton prefer to use the discreet on wall speakers in thier homes. The following special features of the wafer series ensure the PMC signature of high resolution and flexibility: TT Technology Stealth Baffle H-Line ATL

“One of the most important and innovative speakers i’ve had the pleasure of reviewing.” The system delivers truly satisfying music and home theatre sound without sacrificing floor space. The wafer 2 sets a new benchmark for on wall speaker performance. “On more than one occasion these speakers had visitors looking for the subwoofer.” “Offering incredible convenience, superb aesthetics and, in my experience, the best performance of any on-wall speaker system.” HiFi News Jan 07 “this is an exceptionally clever ‘stealth’ speaker, which takes unintrusiveness towards invisibility. The restrained sound shows mild base thickening, but has a beautifully even, delicate and smooth midband, and impresive stereo imaging.” HiFi News, Nov 06 “This is an exceptionally clever ‘stealth’ speaker, which takes unobtrusiveness towards invisibility. the restrained sound shows mild thickening, but has a beautifully even, delicate and smooth midband, and impressive stereo imaging.” “The typical comment made my industry insiders was “they cant possibly work!” when they saw these hang-on-the-wall PMC speakers. They were wrong the wafer2 most certainly is a real hifi speaker.” Paul Messenger, HIFI Choice, Oct 06 Walking into this store is like waking-up from a nightmare, realizing that everything is OK… that there is an idyllic record shop with peerless sonic sensations that answer your music loving prayers, for if music is your religion, Rough Trade East is your church”, Stephen Godfroy, Rough Trade East We chose PMC because of the fantastic combination of easy listening High End sound at low volume level and great strong sound for the power party atmosphere when necessary. PMC speakers are not disturbing guest’s conversation in any sound level. I am very happy with this Audio system Werner Aschenberger, Lobsterdock Bar & resturant, Vienna

  Price is Per Speaker

1.0000 kg

Black Satin, White Satin



Frequency Response

40Hz to 25kHz

high frequency driver



8 Ohms

mid bass driver



PMC Wafer 2 (Each)


90 dB



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PMC reigns supreme throughout the leading mastering houses, broadcasters and much of the professional world and are used by Stevie Wonder’s Wonderland Studio, Prince, Hospital HDTV Broadcast London and for renowned classical labels such as Deutsche Grammophon, Decca and Harmonia Mundi.