Rockford Fosgate PBR300X1 300 Watt BRT Mono Amplifier

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Rockford Fosgate PBR300X1 300 Watt BRT Mono Amplifier


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300 Watt BRT Mono Amplifier

The Punch PBR300X1 is a 300 Watt mono amplifier designed for compact subwoofer systems. This efficient amp packs a Punch in motorcycles, ATVs and hybrid-electric vehicles without sucking a lot of juice from your electrical system.

  • MOSFET output stage
  • 12dB/octave Butterworth crossover
  • High level inputs
  • Ultra compact chassis
  • Variable 4-6 volt hi level DC offset voltage input turn-on control
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty


The PBR300X1 is a mono amplifier designed for a subwoofer system that requires little space. The BRT (Boosted Rail Technology) is an ultra efficient design that doesn’t even use a switching power supply to generate its 300 Watts of power! The BRT also has a variable hi-level DC offset turn-on circuit for easy installation into any OEM system. Great for motorcycles and recreational vehicles.


CEA-2006 Compliant: CEA-2006 Power Rating
75W x 1 @ 4Ω
≤1.0% THD+N
Number of Channels: 1
Rated Power 
(RMS Continuous Power):
75 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohm 
150 Watts x 1 @ 2-Ohm 
300 Watts x 1 @ 1-Ohm
Total Power 
(Sum of Rated Power):
300 Watts
Dynamic Power 
96 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohm 
189 Watts x 1 @ 2-Ohm 
326 Watts x 1 @ 1-Ohm
Bridgeable: No
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 250Hz +/-3dB
Efficiency (average): 75% @ 4-Ohm 
75% @ 2-Ohm 
75% @ 1-Ohm
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD+Noise): 4-Ohm: <1.0% 
2-Ohm: <1.0%
Crossover Controls: Low-Pass: 35Hz – 250Hz @ 12dB/Octave Butterworth
Tone Controls: External via Optional Punch EQ
Input Sensitivity: Low-Level: 150 mV – 4 V 
High-Level: 400 mV – 11 V
Signal Input: High/Low Input Switch 
High/Low Level Input: 4-Pin harness 
Hi-Level Sensitivity: Variable DC offset sensitivity
Signal Output:
Power Input Connector: Detachable Compression Terminal
Power Wire Gauge: 10 AWG
Speaker Output Connector: 4-Pin Harness 
Wiring Convenience: 2 Negative Terminals (-) / 2 Positive Terminals (+)
Speaker Wire Gauge: 16 AWG
Heat Sink Type: Extruded aluminum
Cooling: Convection
Remote Controls: Optional PEQ provides 0dB to +18dB @ 45Hz
Visual Indicators: Power/Protect, BRT (Boost)
Circuit Topology Class: Class-BR
Operating Voltage: 9 – 16 VDC
Recommended Fuse 
(not included):
30 A
Max. Current Draw (13.8V Sinewave): 30 A
Average Current Draw (13.8V Music): 15 A
Suggested Alternator: 75 A
Shipping Weight: 2.76 Lbs. (1.25 Kg.)
Dimensions (HxWxL): 1.53 x 4.25 x 6.75 (in.) 
3.90 x 10.8 x 17.2 (cm)

Available Wiring Diagrams

Please consult your amplifier owner’s manual for lowest recommended impedance. 

Wiring Diagram #1 

Wiring Diagram #2 

Wiring Diagram #3 

Wiring Diagram #4 

Wiring Diagram #5 

Wiring Diagram #6 

Wiring Diagram #7 

Wiring Diagram #8 

Wiring Diagram #9 

Wiring Diagram #10 


Remote Punch EQ (2007+ Amps)


Remote Punch EQ for 3 Amps (2007+).


Amplifier Installation Kit for Harley-Davidson


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Rockford Fosgate PBR300X1


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