Screen Innovations 5 Series 2.35:1 Fixed Screen


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Screen Innovations TRFLG Theater Reference 16:9 Fixed Projector Screen

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Reference Fixed Projector Screens

Reference Fixed is 100% custom and can be up to 12’ x 330’  Custom sizes, aspect ratios, curved radiuses, and materials are welcome.   Reference fixed offers all of SI’s new 4K screen materials including the latest in acoustically transparent and rear projection screen technology.

Reference Fixed Screen Materials

Front-Pro – Slate 1.2 – Solar HD 1.3 White | Lunar HD .85 Gray | Gamma Maestro HD 1.1 White | Lunar Maestro HD .85 Gray

Acoustically Transparent – Gamma Maestro HD 1.1 White | Lunar Maestro HD .85 Gray

Rear-Pro – 360 Rear-Pro White | Backstage Rear-Pro Dark Gray

SI’s elegant Reference Series projector screens set the standard for high-end fixed screens. Reference fixed offers SI’s new 4K screen materials including the latest in acoustically transparent screen technology. If you are looking for the ultimate room decor add any of SI’s Screen Accents options can be added to the luxurious 3.5″ beveled frame.

Why curve your projector screen?

SI’s new 35′ CURVE Reference Fixed frame gives you the most immersive experience available. Click the curved screen for more detailed information about the benefits of curved projector screens.

Curved screens do have some distinct advantages, especially in installations where the throw is very short (1.6 or less) and pincushion distortion becomes an issue. Note that most curved screens are actually “cylindrical” in that there is no curve up and down – only from left to right.

Advantages of a curved projection screen

Curved screens help compensate the pincushion distortion that occurs when an expansion-based anamorphic lens is used because an inward-curving screen naturally produces a form of “barrel” distortion which can partially compensate for the “pincushion” from the lens. As you can imagine it can be complicated to determine how much curvature you need in the screen to compensate for how much distortion is in your short throw-ratio installation. But even in a general sense, the higher the throw ratio, the less noticeable the distortion, and therefore the less of a “need” for a curved screen.

For some people a curved screen can bring you an even greater sense of immersion when watching movies. The slight curvature of the screen gives the impression of the image wrapping around you, involving you in the action to an even greater degree. The opposite view is that a flat screen is more like a window into the movie. Either viewpoint is valid and “best” is up to you.

Curved screens can deliver a more uniformly illuminated image for centrally localized seating with less “hot-spotting” since light that would normally be reflected to the side is instead more effectively directed back to the seating area.


  • EZ-snap™ The flattest screen surface available
  • Custom Screen Sizes from 77″ to 215″ + diagonal
  • 3.5″ Extreme contoured velvet frame
  • 2:40.1, 2.35:1,16:9, 16:10, 4:3 formats available
  • Lifetime replacement policy

Elastic Projector Screen Attachment

SI’s revolutionary “EZ Snap”™ screen material attachment method ensures the flattest, tightest screen material on the market today. This system optimizes projector focus, producing sharper images as well as permanently eliminating any concerns about traditional “screen sag”.

Screen Mounting System

SI’s mounting systems allow for adjustability after the screen is mounted. For CURVE screens, we have developed the most advanced system yet, enabling our curve screens to mount only 2″ off the wall at center.

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Screen Innovations TRFLG

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