Screen Innovations 5 Series Zero Edge Flex 2.35:1 Fixed Screen


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Screen Innovations SZPZ Pure Zero 2.35:1 Fixed Projector Screen

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Introducing Pure™ Zero Edge, the coolest new display technology to hit the Residential and Commercial entertainment space since the flat panel TV.

Touted by integrators as being “the coolest, most forward-thinking solution to hit the Residential and Commercial entertainment space since the flat panel TV,” Pure™ Zero Edge redefines what white and gray projection screens can do to enhance the visual entertainment experience.

Filling a void onscreen and in the marketplace, Pure White and Pure Gray Zero Edge projection screens feature SI’s proprietary Micro Texture that is nine (9) times finer and smoother than that of the best screen material available on the market today. Capable of reproducing perfect resolution from 1080P to 8K and beyond, Pure delivers image quality that is razor sharp with perfect color and uniformity that provides a sensory experience unlike any other.

Designed to be quickly and easily installed, Pure Zero Edge screens do not require any additional assembly once unpacked. Mounting options include on-wall or flown from the ceiling by slender cables. Optional LED Lighting is built in to the frame and now incorporates six (6) custom preferences and 256,000 colors, including 6500 kelvin white. This unique feature set provides an incredibly sleek appearance and immersive entertainment experience that can’t be achieved with any other screen.

Available in large-format projection screen sizes up to 120” in 16:9 and up to 150” in 2.35:1, the Zero Edge line now includes Pure White 1.3 gain, Pure Gray .85 gain, Black Diamond 2.7 gain, Black Diamond 1.4 gain or Black Diamond .8 gain screen materials. Prices start at $1599 MSRP, and are based on configuration.

Delivering the most affordable, innovative and versatile screen technology available, Pure Zero Edge sets a new aesthetic standard that is currently unmatched in the Residential or Commercial marketplaces.

Pure Zero Edge™ Screen Materials

Front-Pro – Pure White 1.3 | Pure Gray .85

Razor Sharp

A common tool for rating surface textures, the Grit Chart illustrates the differences in screen “grit”, or, the number of abrasive particles per square inch. Unlike every other screen available, one cannot see any noticeable texture on Pure screens with the naked eye. This is made possible by our patented coating process that allows the highest level of contrast possible, and is ideally suited for all projector technologies including ultra-short throw and edge blending.

See The Difference

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The ultra-fine granularity of the SI Pure screen makes a 1080P projected image look like 4K.  Imagine what it will do when 8K becomes available.  If you are currently using a 720P or 1080P projector, you will see a significant increase in sharpness that looks like you are doubling your resolution.  Pure is the only screen material on the market that has this ability.  Call us for a sample, you will be amazed.

Colour Perfection

Color Symmetry is important in all projection screens and provides the most accurate reproduction of what the director intended the audience to see. Some producers intentionally “push” specific colors to give you a certain feeling or mood about the onscreen content. Because our goal is to deliver screens that provide perfect reproduction of color when the projector is calibrated color-neutral, we developed the new Pure™ 1.3 gain material to reproduce the image from the projector with no measurable color shift and have eliminated the sparkle that has historically been associated with white and gray projection screens.

Zero Edge LED Back Lighting

Like Black Diamond Zero Edge™, Pure Zero Edge™ supports LED backlighting, a simple yet underutilized technology that makes it easier for the human eye to watch bright content in a darkened room.  Backlighting reduces eyestrain and improves the cinematic experience while also complementing existing design and décor by adding warmth and ambiance. Zero Edge™ screens by SI are the only ones on the market that can effectively support LED backlighting. This is because our frame design was created to allow LED lighting to be embedded into the aluminum extrusion, thereby delivering perfectly angled light onto the surrounding walls.

G3 LED Lighting features include:

  • Full perimeter LED lighting
  • Controllable via IR remote
  • New 256,000 Colors including 6500 Kelvin white
  • New 20 Preset color selections for décor matching
  • New 6 Custom color settings
  • 6 Light show patterns: Color scan, Fade and Step
  • 1,000 Incremental dimming levels
  • IR Codes (see instructions)


Mounting Options

Pure Zero Edge™ can be as easily suspended from the ceiling by slender aircraft cables as it can be mounted to the wall. No screen assembly is required, installation is incredibly simple, and either mounting option can be completed in less than 15 minutes.


Pure Zero Edge is handcrafted in the USA, carries an industry-leading lifetime replacement policy, and is backed by the best customer service and technical support available.

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