Screen Innovations 7 Series Black Diamond 2.35:1 Curved Screen


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Screen Innovations CBFBD Curved Cinema Black Diamond 2.35:1 Fixed Projector Screen

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In September 2007, Black Diamond Fixed changed the industry by allowing all projectors to perform well in both bright and dark environments giving customers the ability to utilize projection in applications that only a flat panel TV could exist before.  Sony, JVC, Epson, Optoma and many others utilize the Black Diamond screen technology to show off their latest and greatest projector technologies.

Black Diamond Fixed Screen Materials

Front-Pro – Black Diamond G3 2.7 Silver  | Black Diamond G3 1.4 Black | Black Diamond G3 .8 Black


Why CURVE Your Black Diamond Screen?

Curved screens help compensate the pincushion distortion that occurs when an expansion-based anamorphic lens is used because an inward-curving screen naturally produces a form of “barrel” distortion which can partially compensate for the “pincushion” from the lens. As you can imagine it can be complicated to determine how much curvature you need in the screen to compensate for how much distortion is in your short throw-ratio installation. But even in a general sense, the higher the throw ratio, the less noticeable the distortion, and therefore the less of a “need” for a curved screen.


  •  Custom Sizes
  •  Custom Aspect Ratios
  •  CURVE
  •  16:9 up to 113″ diagonal
  •  2.35:1 up to 142″ diagonal
  •  3.5″ Deluxe Aluminum Velvet Frame
  •  Ships 10×10″ box
  •  Lifetime Replacement Policy
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Screen Innovations CBFBD Curved

screen size

110″, 120″, 133″, 142″, 150″


Online, Store

screen gain

Black Diamond 0.8, Black Diamond 1.4, Black Diamond 2.7


Air Freight (4-6 Weeks), Standard (8-10 Weeks)

projector screen type

Cinemascope Screens, Fixed On-Wall Screens