Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII

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Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII


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The Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII is a must for all audiophiles, record collectors, and vinyl enthusiasts – and is the best-selling record cleaning device in the world! Never has any vinyl record cleaning product offered such an inexpensive and safe way to unlock the true acoustic dynamic range of your LPs, 78s, and 45s. As further insurance for your investment, the Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all parts excluding brushes for wear and tear.

Don’t be fooled by other imitation products on the market.  The Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII has a four-decade reputation for reliability and effectiveness. There are never any harmful agents or alcohol in the Spin-Clean Record Washer Fluid, so your valued collection is always in good hands. We know that once you try the Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII, record care will never be this easy again. So go ahead and order your very own Spin-Clean® system now.  Your cherished record collection will have never sounded better. With the Spin-Clean® MKII standard unit and included accessories, you’re ready to begin removing the grime from your grooves.

Package Includes:

  • Washer Basin and Lid
  • Washer Fluid (4oz)
  • One Pair Brushes MKII
  • One Pair Rollers MKII
  • Two Washable Drying Cloths


Does Spin-Clean® really work?

Yes! Spin-Clean® has been on the market for 40 years, used worldwide, and lauded by record collectors, libraries, radio stations, the Library of Congress, and audiophiles everywhere. The Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII has been named The Absolute Sound 2011-2013 Editors’ Choice, the 2011 Product of the Year Award Winner, the 2010 Stereophile Accessory Runner-Up Award Winner, and a Stereophile Recommended Component! Using Spin-Clean® as directed, you should see results whereby output sensitivity is substantially increased, channel separation is improved, and amplified record noise is reduced.

How does Spin-Clean® work?

The Spin-Clean® Record Washer Mark II’s real effectiveness comes from its ability to impeccably clean both sides of any record simultaneously without using your turntable as part of the process. The “heavy lifting” is accomplished through Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII’s unique washer fluid. This special formula encapsulates the dirt that comes off the record from deep within the record grooves and sinks it to the bottom of the washer basin, so it is not re-deposited back on to your valuable LPs and 45s.

How many records will the 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. bottles of Spin-Clean® Record Washer Fluid clean?

Using Spin-Clean® as directed, you can expect to clean up to 700 records with the 4 oz. bottle, up to 1400 with the 8 oz. bottle, up to 2800 with the 16 oz. bottle, and up to 5600 records with the 32 oz. bottle. Remember to use only one (1) capful of fluid with the 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. bottles of Record Washer Fluid. When using the 4 oz. bottle, you should use three (3) capfuls of fluid.

How long will the brushes last?

With typical usage, you can expect your pair of Spin-Clean® brushes to last two to three years or around 4000+ record cleanings.

How long will the rollers last?

With regular usage, you can expect the rollers to last the lifetime of your unit.

Why is the use of distilled water recommended?

While you can use tap water in cases where distilled water may not be available to you, tap water often contains minerals or other impurities that may be deposited in the grooves of your record, undermining the cleaning effectiveness of the brushes and fluid. In addition, these tap water impurities may become deposited on the brushes, further hampering the effectiveness of future cleanings.

Can I wash and reuse the included drying cloths?

Absolutely yes. In fact, we recommend that in order to unlock the full potential of the drying cloths, you pre-wash them. Remember when washing the drying cloths, if you’re washing with other clothes, wash ONLY with whites, detergent, and bleach — and refrain from using fabric softener or cling-free dyer sheets, as these materials can ultimately introduce unwanted contaminates to your records.

How dry do my records have to be before I play them?

Simply put, 100% dry. Leaving residual water in the record grooves, while not harmful to your vinyl records, will result in audible surface noise. Remember, if the drying cloths you’re using are wet or damp, your records will take longer to dry. 

Some users find it helpful to first air-dry their records in a dish rack. 
Others like to use microfiber towels in place of – or in addition to – the Spin-Clean® drying cloths. Depending on the brand of microfiber towel, it can potentially hold up to eight times its weight in water and can be very effective in drying records. Please bear in mind, however, that microfiber towels, because of their unique properties, also have the ability to pick up grit or other abrasive particles. So just make certain any microfiber towels you might use are also pre-washed prior to and after Spin-Clean® washes.

Is it safe to leave the brushes in the basin filled with water and fluid for an extended period of time?

While this is okay for a relatively short period of time (overnight, for example), we recommend that, in order to get the maximum life out of your brushes, you refrain from routinely leaving them submerged in the basin for extra long periods of time. Over-saturation of water and fluid may cause premature wearing of the brushes’ foam pads.

Will the Spin-Clean® cleaning process damage the record label?

No. Spin-Clean’s patented record washer fluid is a non-alcoholic, encapsulating solution that will not damage the label and wipes off easily, should any water/fluid make contact with your record’s label.

Is it okay to run a really dirty record through the Spin-Clean® unit multiple times?

Yes, if you feel that a record requires more than one cleaning, there is no harm in giving a record more than one “bath.”

Will Spin-Clean® remove the scratches from my records?

No. While your Spin-Clean® Record Washer unit can help in the removal of clicks, pops, and surface noise brought on by dust, dirt, fingerprints, etc., it cannot remove scratches or other physical imperfections inherent on the vinyl. A good analogy might be driving a scratched and dirty car into the car wash. While the car wash will remove the dirt and debris, it cannot remove scratches or dings from the car’s body.

How much water does the Spin-Clean basin hold?

When filling up the basin to the indicator line on the inner side-wall of the basin, you will use 24 oz. of water.

Is Spin-Clean® safe to use on my shellac 78 rpm records?

Unlike other record cleaning solutions, Spin-Clean’s Record Washer Fluid NEVER contains alcohol or any harmful agents. Therefore, cleaning your shellac 78s through a Spin-Clean system is perfectly safe.



It’s no secret.  The Spin-Clean® Record Washer Mark II’s real effectiveness comes from its ability to impeccably clean both sides of any record simultaneously without using your turntable as part of the process. Your albums and singles will last longer and sound better than ever, while your turntable and stylus are saved from needless wear and tear.

The Spin Clean Secret Advantage

What is our secret weapon, however, is Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII’s special washer fluid. This special formula encapsulates the dirt that comes off the record from deep within the record grooves and sinks it to the bottom of the washer basin, so it is not re-deposited back on to your valuable LPs and 45s. Why is Spin-Clean bright yellow? We chose bright yellow for the color of the Spin-Clean so you can see the dirt collecting at the bottom of the unit.

The Hand Held Brush or The Spin-Clean® Record Washing System

At the instant of contact how can you tell that you’re pushing hard enough? If you have enough liquid on your brush, is it removing smudges and fingerprints? With the Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII, it’s easy as one, two, three. Fill it, spin it, and dry it! You never have to adjust the brushes (they’re pre-set at the right pressure). After three turns in the Spin-Clean® record washing system, the dirt and the fingerprints are gone on both sides of the record along with the static. You can not only see the Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII work, but you can also hear the difference in sound.  Listen as your old records move toward that “brand new” type sound, and marvel at how your new records will unlock their true high fidelity.

The Right Stuff

The Spin Clean® Record Washer MKII looks and feels right. It’s inconspicuous in size (six inches wide by fifteen inches long and six inches high) with no power requirements,  making it the “greenest” record cleaner in the industry.  Best of all, no installation makes it the most flexible and attractive record cleaning package on the market. Each Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII comes with a 4 oz. bottle of the MKII washer fluid which is enough fluid to clean up to 700 records, two washable and re-useable MKII drying cloths, one pair of MKII Brushes, one pair of MKII Rollers and a MKII owners manual.

Made in the USA

Spin-Clean is proudly manufactured and hand assembled in the USA since 1975.

We feel that in today’s marketplace it is very unusual to find a product in this price point that is not made in China. We are very proud to be “Made in the USA.” The Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII has been manufactured and hand assembled in the U.S. since 1975. If you have any questions about your Spin-Clean®, you can email your question to the Spin-Clean Expert using the form on our homepage or you can call us directly at 1-800-931-5850.

Corroborating Evidence

FIDELITONE INC., worldwide manufacturer and distribution of fine record and video accessories, tested the Spin-Clean® record washing system for RCA Records in 1976. The test results were remarkable! After Spin-Clean® record washing system had been used, output sensitivity was substantially increased. Channel separation was increased and amplified record noise was reduced. AUDIO MAGAZINE, a leading Hi-fi magazine, tested Spin-Clean® record washing system and found it to be excellent as a record cleaning device. They found this unit to be one of the most efficient record cleaners for dirty records.

Mobile DJ, Phil Schomer of ALEXANDER’S GRAHAM BELL, one of Pittsburgh’s top singles spots featuring live entertainment, professed: “Spin-Clean® record washing system is the only record cleaning system I’ll use, because I found it to be the most effective in removing smoke and other dirt without a buildup of residue on my cartridge and records. Now my discs always sound new and crisp.”

STEREO MAGAZINE, the nationally recognized leader in stereo equipment publications, stated “There’s no question that the Spin-Clean® record washing system does remove surface dirt and fingerprints.” The reviewer went on to say, “After processing a dozen or so discs, the solution was clouded with minute bits of debris, and the discs themselves looked a lot cleaner.” He also remarked how a few of his children’s collection, which had been really dirty, played a lot cleaner”. Finally he said, “If one has some very dirty discs, Spin-Clean® record washing system is certainly one way to clean them.




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