Stealth Acoustics PS6 For LR6/FX6 (Pack of 6)


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PlaceSavers® are for temporary use on new construction. The greatest exposure to damage occurs during the time the Stealth Acoustic speaker panels are first mounted to the structural framing and when the taping begins. Particularly during the time when the drywall board is hung. PlaceSavers® keep this exposure to a minimum by reducing the raw speaker panels exposure to the construction site.

PlaceSavers® are built from 1/2” MDF and are sized slightly larger than the speaker panel it is reserving space for. This insures that no matter how tight the drywall is hung to the PlaceSaver®, the speaker panel will easily drop into place when the Place Saver is removed. The PlaceSavers® have 1/8” deep x 7/8” wide grooves on the back side that match the mounting flanges on the Stealth Acoustic speaker panels. This insures that if the PlaceSaver® is centered properly on the structural framing the speaker panel will be also.

PlaceSavers® should be installed at the pre-wire stage and replaced with the speaker panel just before drywall finishing begins. PlaceSavers® have labels on the front with space to write in the Stealth Acoustic Dealer name and phone number. They are packaged 6 per carton and come with mounting screws. They are also reusable if your installers remember to bring them back from the job site.


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LR8/FX8 & B22



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