Cambridge Audio SX60 Bookshelf Speakers

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The Cambridge Audio SX60 standmount speakers build on the strengths of the Cambridge Audio SX50 bookshelf speakers, taking on a larger form-factor for an assured musical performance. They can work happily in bigger spaces, while still offering you flexibility in terms of placement. Speaker stands or a cabinet top, it’s your call.? SX60 speakers have a 165mm (6.5") woofer made from treated paper. Hi-fi manufacturers have used it for years, as paper’s impressive strength-to-weight ratio is matched by excellent tonality – so?instruments sound rich, well defined, and real. 25mm (1") soft dome?tweeters, made from treated silk, take care of the higher frequencies – with the same balance of realism and refinement. SX60’s combination of engineering, confident sound reproduction, and price makes them a winning combination.