Cambridge Audio SX80 Floor Standing Speakers

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The first thing that strikes you about the Cambridge Audio SX80 speakers is their confident presence – both physical and acoustic. They deliver an effortless, full-range soundstage that captures the scale and weight of the largest most demanding passages of music, while maintaining the speed and finesse of their smaller siblings.? Each SX80 speaker has two 165mm (6.5") woofers made from treated paper. Hi-fi manufacturers have used it for years, as paper’s impressive strength-to-weight ratio is matched by excellent tonality – so?instruments sound rich, well defined, and real. 25mm (1") soft dome?tweeters, made from treated silk, take care of the higher frequencies – with the same balance of realism and refinement. A rear bass reflex port helps you fine-tune lower frequencies, by adjusting the position of the speakers with the wall. Elegantly simple design, combined with breathtaking performance, at a reasonable price, make the SX80's a force to be reckoned with.