Ruark Audio R1S Smart Radio

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Radio is thriving, with recent polls showing that for many, radio is still their favourite entertainment during the day. The Ruark R1S takes this timeless medium to a new level. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming also built in the appeal of R1S is further enhanced. R1S directly supports Spotify Connect, Amazon Music and Deezer and with its Bluetooth 5 receiver virtually every other service available. The Bluetooth function remembers up to six devices and provides excellent sound quality and efficiency, meaning minimal battery drain on battery powered devices. With a vivid colour display, time, alarm, and programme information are clearly shown and on streamed sources, album, and station artwork can be displayed too. The display also auto-adjusts to suit light levels, making it an ideal bedside companion. Other features include a USB-C charge and MP3 playback port, headphone output and a switchable line input. The R1S is more than just a radio, it is a complete music system that’s small enough to fit easily into your home, but capable enough to provide day long entertainment. Exclusive Mid Grey lacquer Finish with a Fused Walnut grille.