SVS PB-16 Ultra 16" Ported Box Powered Subwoofer

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Colour Black Ash

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An unrelenting passion for breathtaking bass performance and engineering perfection guided every aspect of the SVS PB16-Ultra subwoofer’s development. Groundbreaking technology, rigorous design and extreme testing in real world and laboratory environments allowed SVS to achieve unmatched low frequency extension and output capabilities all while keeping it amazingly detailed and articulate. The culmination of all SVS design advancements, PB16-Ultra represents an incomparable bass experience. Nothing else comes close. Featuring a massive new 16" SVS Ultra Driver with an unprecedented 8" edge wound voice coil in a triple ported cabinet with front-firing flared high-flow ports powered by a conservatively rated Sledge STA-1500D amplifier rated at 1,500 watts continuous, 5,000+ watts peak power, with 64 Amp 200-Volt MOSFETs are the sonic muscle behind arguably the most powerful and highest fidelity subwoofer amplifier ever developed.