Thor P6 Prodigy 6 Way Surge Protector with Elite Filtration

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The Thor P6 Prodigy 6 Way Surge Protection Board offers the ultimate regenerative power protection and filtration for its price point. Unlike current traditional surge protection technology ThorÕs Patented circuit is not sacrificial. It uses a regeneration process to absorb spikes and surges then resets itself ready to protect over and over again. To use an analogy, think of a shock absorber. A shock absorber is designed for absorbing the energy of sudden impulses or shocks in machinery or structures and once that energy has been absorbed, it resets back to its default state. Fireproof MOV ensures the main protection components will not catch fire while protecting from dangerous surges. The choice of Fireproof components and the added flame retardant housing safeguards ensures your home and family will always be safe.