Tivoli Audio Model One Digital (Gen. 2) AirPlay 2 | AUX IN | Bluetooth | Wireless Radio

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Colour Walnut / Beige

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Modern style with the latest technology built-in, the Model One Digital streaming radio easily connects to Wi-Fi with AirPlay 2 and Chromecast to play music from any app with built-in support. Switch to radio mode and enjoy your local broadcasts with Tivoli Audio’s renowned reception or quickly connect a device via Bluetooth®. With all these listening options, the Model One Digital will fill any space in your home with clear and dynamic audio quality and seamlessly fit into your daily life.


From your décor to dance moves, the Model One Digital Gen 2 lives seamlessly in your home. Easily fits in your kitchen, bedroom, office, or anywhere else in your home.

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Eco-friendly fabric

Aluminum hardware


  • Audio - The Model One Digital takes our love for big sound in small spaces to a new level. With a rear ported design and class A-B amp, the full-range sound makes for a powerful performance.
  • Connectivity - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM or DAB to tune to your local music and news.
  • Controls - Simple hands-on controls to deliver exactly what you want. One knob for your power source, one knob for volume, and one 5:1 ratio tuning dial.
  • Futureproof - Your Model One Digital will always be up to date with the latest technology through automatic firmware updates.