Yamaha TW-EF3A True Wireless Earphones

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Colour Black

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With the open-type earbud design, the Yamaha TW-EF3A provides a comfortable fit for extended listening times. The TW-EF3A provides clear vocals and human voices, making it easy to listen to over extended periods of time. The 13mm drivers fully express the energy and dynamism of the music. Clear Voice is a function that lifts the bandwidth of the voice to make vocals easier to hear. In dialogue-driven content (e.g. dramas, news, movies, etc.), the voice becomes easier to hear without having to turn up the volume. Yamaha's Listening Care allows you to fully enjoy music even at low volume levels. It compensates for high and low frequencies that are difficult to hear at low volume levels and maintains the original sound range of the music even at low volume levels, supporting music listening at a volume that is easy on the ears. Connect two Bluetooth® devices simultaneously, such as a smartphone and a PC. When receiving an incoming call from one of them, take the call without switching devices.