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    The Life Style Store Air Compressors Range

    Explore range of compressors, tyre inflators and more.

    Have your tyres always inflated and keep exploring the great outdoors!
    Whether for inflating tyres or your 4×4 accessories, air compressors will give you peace of mind. There’s always a model available to suit your needs.

    Hard-Mount Compressors

    Hard-Mount Compressors allow you to monitor your system performance and make necessary adjustments to keep your equipment running smoothly. They are also easy to maintain.

    On-Board Systems

    An on-board air compressor is a system that allows you to adjust the air pressure in your air springs from the touch of a button. Because of this, you can easily adjust the load support and levelling capacity of your vehicle.

    Portable Compressors

    Portable compressors are often used in construction, as they can be easily transported to different job sites. There are a variety of portable compressors available on the market, each with its own unique set of features. When choosing a portable compressor, it is important to consider the specific needs of your project.

    Parts & Accessories

    No matter what kind of vehicle you have, we have a wide range of parts & accessories available to make it suit your needs. Whether you need a tyre inflator, or want to monitor the air pressure in your tyres, there are plenty of options.