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    The Life Style Store Amplifiers Range

    Find power amplifiers, stereo receivers, and more in our online collection.

    To truly enjoy music, you need to be able to get to grips with its nuances and subtleties. A great hi-fi system, with high-quality speakers, will certainly help you to do this, providing sharp, clear audio in your home or in another space. But you need more than just this equipment – you also need an amplifier to deliver the incredible sound quality you are looking for.

    An amplifier essentially takes a small electrical signal input and delivers a much larger electrical signal as an output. This is where we get the term “amplifier” – the signal has been amplified, i.e., made much bigger. The amplifier does not play audio or deliver an output as sound. Instead, it sits between the music source – a laptop, CD player, or musical instrument, for example – and the speakers that will emit the sound, in your system’s electrical circuit.

    Pre-Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers

    It is the power amplifier that will augment the electrical signal to a level great enough to power your system’s speaker. In other words, the electrical signal your speaker receives from the source is not going to be enough to provide the necessary power and no sound will be emitted. The power amplifier ensures the signal is of the necessary strength.

    But this power amplifier still requires an electrical signal, and this signal needs to be of a sufficient strength for the power amplifier to register it. This is where pre-amplifiers have a big role to play. The pre-amplifier takes the small electrical input signal and enlarges it to a level that can be received by the power amplifier. The power amplifier then further augments the signal so that the speakers can provide high-quality audio.

    Integrated Amplifiers

    An integrated amplifier brings together multiple different system components in a single unit. This means receivers and amplifiers are provided together within one piece of equipment, saving space within your hi-fi or home theatre setup. A speaker may also be included within the integrated amplifier in some cases, but generally, this type of equipment will include only the different components of the amplifier system.

    The key advantages of the integrated amplifier are its convenience, ease of use, and space-saving benefits. The unit will not only provide pre-amplifier functionality and power amplifier functionality in a single unit, but it will also offer other features such as tuners, input selection, and volume dials. This means you have more control over the audio output of the sound system.

    Some customers may prefer to purchase individual receiver and amplifier components. For example, they may choose to buy separate stereo receiver units with input and output controls, as well as separate pre-amplifier and power amp units. While this provides more potential for customisation and personalisation of the hi-fi system, customers can still gain high-quality audio using an integrated unit.

    Stereo Receivers

    Of the products and brands we stock, stereo system components are some of the most popular. These systems provide a more immersive experience when listening to music or enjoying movies and TV shows, distributing audio to different speaker units. The speaker units are placed in strategic positions around the room, replicating the three dimensional experience of a live concert or performance.

    stereo receiver is an important part of the broader stereo system. The receiver accepts inputs from the source of the audio, or from multiple sources in some cases, and distributes stereo audio signals to the different output locations within the system. Receivers and amplifiers are not the same – a receiver includes additional input and output features and controls, while an amplifier simply enlarges and augments the electrical signal from the audio input. Both the receiver and amplifier components may be included within an integrated amplifier unit.

    Additional Features of Amplifiers

    There are other features to consider when you search for an amplifier.

    • Phono Pre-Amplifiers

    A phono pre-amplifier converts the analogue signal from an input source like a turntable into a digital output. This output is then amplified and enlarged, ready to be accepted by the power amp.

    • Multiple Channels

    The amplifier’s channel rating relates to how many speaker units the amp can power. For example, a two-channel amplifier can provide enough power for two speaker units. A seven-channel amp, on the other hand, can support seven speakers.

    • Dolby Sound

    Some amplifier and receiver units are compatible with Dolby sound protocols. This helps the system to provide high-quality audio to the listener.

    • Bluetooth Connectivity

    More modern units feature additional connectivity options. This may include Bluetooth connections on some models. These models use a Bluetooth signal as an input and enlarge this signal to be played through a speaker.

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